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Welcoming New Users

At Wistia, we’ve always believed in offering a free plan. We want everyone, regardless of budget, to be able to test out Wistia, and see what we’re all about. But we also recognize that self-service isn’t for everyone.

August 2016, we launched a new experiment with our Sales team. After a new user has signed up for Wistia, they’re invited to sign up for a 1-to-1 coaching call with one of our solutions coaches. Premium users are able to opt into a call to get a full walkthrough of our product, and self-service users can dive right in without any fuss.

We strive to put customers first and maintain a friendly (and not pushy) Sales team. But we also want to have friendly conversations with new users to make sure they understand everything the platform has to offer. We felt like this friendly video featuring our team members conveyed the right tone and right message.

This video was certainly worthwhile for us. We link to it from within the app after a new customer signs up, as well as within our post-signup email nurturing campaigns. It has just over 1,000 views and a 75% engagement rate.

Thad Peterson
Director of Product Marketing, Wistia

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