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Wishing You Happy Holidays

Unbounce is a software company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a highly dedicated support team and when the 2015 holiday season rolled around, they wanted to be sure to communicate their shortened support hours.

Since many of their customers didn’t know the company was based in Canada, the Unbounce team used the communication opportunity to make this delightfully Canadian video. Is there anything more Canadian than maple syrup and curling?

We really care about our customers and wanted to let them know that our customer support would still be available over the holiday celebrations. Instead of just posting a generic message in our app or on the Unbounce Blog, we decided to make a video to do the talking for us. We wanted to be delightful in our holiday greeting while also getting the message out that support would be open during the break because marketing never stops.

Many different people across customer success, marketing, creative, and product pulled together to plan, write, and shoot the video, and we saw some great responses from our community. Many of our customers and blog readers sent us messages to say how much they enjoyed the video and to thank us for keeping support open over the holidays.

We’re proud of this video because it stands, first and foremost, true to our core values: delight, courage, transparency, empowerment, generosity, and humility. We always put the customer first and look for opportunities to delight wherever we can. While this holiday video didn’t contribute to generating leads or product signups for Unbounce, it did reinforce to our customers that they’re what’s most important to us.

Jennifer Pepper
Content Strategist, Unbounce

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