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Welcome to the home of all the integrations built by other companies to help Wistia customers do more with video. We love seeing people create awesome things using our product. If you’re interested in building your own app or integration with Wistia, let us know!

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AirWatch is an enterprise mobility management system. AirWatch Video -- a mobile app for employee training -- allows users to stream and download videos to their devices for offline viewing. AirWatch Video is powered by Wistia. It’s a safe and secure way to share video with your clients and employees on a mobile platform.

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Animoto is an online video maker. Their platform makes it super simple to create stunning photo presentations and HD videos. You can export videos directly from Animoto to Wistia, where you’ll get all of the powerful customization tools and advanced analytics to really make your videos shine.

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Cleeng is a monetization platform for video. They’re a full-scale SaaS platform that makes it easy to sell on-demand and live videos. They take care of all of the hassle of selling your own content.

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GoAnimate helps you make professional animated videos on a budget, and then publish directly to Wistia! Their subscriptions offer unlimited video creation and downloads.

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HapYak Interactive Video lets you customize Wistia videos with quizzes, forms, polls/surveys, hotspots, chapters branching, and more to create stellar interactive experiences for your viewers. Each interaction feeds viewer-level analytics to qualify leads & increase MQLs and conversion rates.

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InPlayer is a monetization system for content delivery. InPlayer makes it easy to monetize your Wistia videos in an all-in-one platform. They provide analytics tools, live and on-demand videos, and take care of all the registrations.

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Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison integrates with Wistia to help businesses better track, qualify, convert, segment, and nurture prospects using video marketing. The integration gives salespeople stronger sales insight and marketers better data for marketing campaigns.

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MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to sell video content. Their platform helps you manage your customers, keep them protected, and offer stats and analytics around purchases.

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Qwilr replaces presentations and other documents with interactive and mobile-friendly webpages. The integration lets you use Wistia videos within these easy-to-build pages.

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ReelContent is a paid video advertising platform. Their integration lets you leverage Wistia videos within sponsored cards that contain custom promotional messages.

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ScreenFlow is a screencasting and video editing system made for Mac. ScreenFlow's “Publish to Wistia” button allows users to export their videos directly to a Wistia account. Just choose File > Publish to > Wistia, then log into your account.

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