The Wistia Advanced Plan

Advanced tools to grow your business and build an audience with video

Create a binge-watchable experience on your site, retarget viewers with Google and Facebook ads, and send data to your favorite marketing platforms — only on the Advanced Plan.

Showcase your valuable videos with Channels

Grow your audience with Reach & Retarget

Sync viewing data to your favorite platform

Get more views with Wistia Channels embedded anywhere on your site

Captivate anyone who lands on your site with a TV-quality experience that elevates your brand and encourages viewers to binge-watch your videos.

Multiple Channels to embed on your site

More than 250 Channel subscribers

Email notifications for new videos

Combine the power of your viewing data with Reach & Retarget to grow your audience

Reach & Retarget lets you send Wistia viewer data from your own site to Facebook and Google Ad platforms so you can build custom and look-alike audiences for retargeting.

Segment your data to suit your needs

Create your own segments in your Google Analytics or Facebook Ads account to fully customize your new and look-alike audiences

Take advantage of suggested audiences

Not sure what audiences to use? We have suggested audiences that can automatically send viewer data to your ad platforms.

Send valuable viewing data to the marketing automation platforms you already use and love

People who watch your videos are super engaged with your brand. Automatically send that valuable viewer data, along with leads and subscribers, to platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot for better lead scoring and nurturing.

See everything Advanced has to offer

Features Free plan Pro plan Advanced plan
All our standard features
100 free videos to embed anywhere - -
Multiple Channels to embed on your site - -
250+ Channel subscribers with email notifications - -
Add your own branding on the video player -
A/B testing
Add as many videos as you need for 25¢ each per month -
1 premium integration with HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo - -
Reach & Retarget with Facebook and Google integrations - -
Priority support - -

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