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The best infrastructure for all your video needs

A completely flexible JavaScript Player

Our player is fast, lightweight, and mobile-friendly. Try the Player API in the Player API docs.

Reliable video delivery

Wistia distributes video with adaptive playback through top-tier CDNs with hundreds of thousands of nodes worldwide, ensuring smooth, high-quality playback for your audience – regardless of their location or device.


Never worry about hosting or encoding videos again

Our complete uploading UI works straight out of the box across browsers, desktop, and mobile.

Once Wistia has the file, videos are automatically encoded at multiple resolutions and bitrates all the way up to 4K quality, then hosted on our servers. Just get the content to us, and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Include video in any web or native application

Thanks to Wistia’s developer tools, building video applications has never been this simple. Our APIs and SDK allow you to seamlessly integrate video functionality into whatever you’re making, and the Plugin API enables you to extend the player's functionality.

Clear, accurate documentation and dedicated support

The Wistia Developer docs contain working demos and detailed instructions on how to implement all of our APIs, and our developer support team is available to answer your questions.

"We love Wistia. We have total control over video and how our viewers experience it."


Ben Chestnut, Founder & CEO, MailChimp

We love making business more human through video, and we're so grateful to have companies like these on board!

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