Permissions In Wistia

Each contact in your Wistia account has a set of permissions. These permissions set out the rules for how they can interact with the files in your account.

In general, the permissions users can have are:

  • Create Projects
  • Upload & Download Media
  • Share Media/Projects
  • Track Stats and Account Usage Levels
  • Create New Users
  • Embed Videos

Account Owner Permissions

The Account Owner has the highest permissions of any user. There is only one Owner on each Account, which can be set from the “Account” tab of the Account Settings.

Owners have access to anything a Manager or user does, but in addition, they can:

  • Monitor the Usage of the Account (bandwidth & storage)
  • Add or Remove Managers
  • Change the Account Logo, Name, or URL
  • Connect/Disconnect Integrations
  • Create API keys
  • Purchase a Subscription
  • Change Billing Information
  • Cancel the Wistia Account

Additionally, the Account Owner has the final say over who can access the videos hosted on Wistia. In context of the Wistia application, the “Owner” maintains the rights over all hosted content.

The Account Owner is the only user who can assign a new account owner, by transferring ownership to an existing Manager. If you are leaving your organization or handing over your Wistia account to a different person, we strongly recommend transferring ownership before you go.

Manager Permissions

“Managers” in Wistia are the controllers of the content in accounts. Managers can do things like add projects, upload medias, and share those projects/videos with new viewers. They can also control users, and create new groups.

Managers can:

  • Create and manage projects
  • Create and manager Channels
  • Create new viewers and manage their permissions
  • Upload video and other media content
  • Access and connect Wistia integrations
  • Invite viewers to privately view video
  • View tracking statistics for private video sharing in Private User Sessions
  • Publish videos to third party websites (also called “embedding a video”)
  • View embedded video statistics
  • Receive email alerts for account activity

User and Collaborator Permissions

“Users” must be created by the Account Owners or Managers. If you have these permissions, you can add a user from the users page, or invite the user directly to a project via the Set Privacy & Sharing option within a Project. Users can be limited to viewing the contents of a specific project, or multiple projects.

“Collaborators” are users with granular permissions that can include the ability to upload new content, download content, and share/embed content. Read more about the specific Collaborator Permissions on the Private Sharing page.

Both users and collaborators are required to create a password to log in.