Account Settings

Questions about admin type stuff? Account Settings? Billing statements? Don't worry, we've got it all covered right here.

Here’s the lowdown on your Account Settings. Billing questions? Need to add a Manager? Just need some light reading? Let’s do this.

Opening Your Account Settings

Most of the important settings for your Wistia Account are housed in the Account Settings. Many of the tips below require you to open the Account Settings as well.

Account Settings is an Account Owner privilege. Make sure you’re logged in as the Account Owner to access these menus.

Once you’re logged in as the Account Owner, find the Account drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner. Next, select the Settings option seen here:

That will bring you straight to the Overview section of your Account Settings. Hooray!

Choose Your Default Player Color

You can set an account-wide player color in the Account tab in Settings. This setting applies to new uploads, as well as previously uploaded media.

Under the player color section, select the color you’d like from the color picker. You can limit the spectrum to be high-contrast background colors, or input a hexadecimal color if you’ve already got something perfect in mind. Once you’re all set, scroll down to save your settings.

This setting will not affect any media that has had the player color changed before, even if it has been moved to another project or account.

If you’re looking to make things even more colorful, you can choose a specific color for any video by heading to the Customize panel. That option will only affect individual media.

Our default player color used to be “Warm Gray” which is has the hexadecimal color of 7b796a, if you need it.

Change the Subdomain (URL) of your Wistia Account

By default, your account URL is based on the domain of your email address. To change your Wistia account URL, you must be logged in as the Account Owner. Click the Account tab in Settings, and scroll down to find the Wistia URL section shown here:

In the section labeled “Wistia Subdomain,” you will see a text box showing the current URL of your Wistia account (in the case of the above picture, Type the name you wish to use instead in the text box (only letters, numbers, and hyphens) and press Save Settings at the bottom to save your changes.

Once you change the URL for your account, all previous links referenced by will no longer work.

Automatically Order Captions and Transcripts

If you want to automatically order captions and transcripts for all new media uploads, you can do so by heading to your Account Settings. Scroll down to the Automatically Order Captions and Transcripts section and select the Enabled option:

Once Auto Captioning is enabled, you’ll have a few different options to choose from.

Professional captions are human generated and have a 99% accuracy rate, they take 4 business days to complete, for an additional fee they can be completed in 1 business day.

Automated captions are computer-generated and have an 80% accuracy rate, they take only a few minutes to complete.

You can then choose if you’d like captions to be published to your videos automatically, or if you’d like to manually review them before adding them to your video.

These settings will apply to all new uploads in your account and may be changed at any time.

Once you have all your settings in place, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page!

Filtering Out Internal Stats

Need to make sure you’re not skewing the stats during testing? Good news! You can filter out your own viewing activity (and the viewing activity of anyone else on your team) from your Wistia stats based on IP address.

As the Account Owner, in Settings, click the Account tab on the right - this contains an IP filtering section where you can enter comma-separated IP addresses. We also support IP ranges (e.g.–, CIDR ranges (e.g., and wildcard specifiers (e.g. 192.1.*.*).

You can find your IP address by searching for “IP” in Google. Google will display your IP address at the top of the search results.

Activating IP filtering will not remove any historical data – it will, however, keep your activity from getting tracked in the stats going forward.

Anonymize IPs

Looking to enhance data privacy for your viewers? The Anonymize IPs feature can help by masking the personally-identifiable portion of viewers' IP addresses.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings > Account page and scroll down to the Anonymize IPs section (shown above). Click the checkbox next to Activate, and Save your settings at the bottom of the page. From this point forward, we’ll mask the IP addresses of all viewers who watch your media.

Here are some additional details on how this works:

  • IP anonymization will mask the last byte of IP data, including the numbers that identify the specific device accessing the page.
    • For example, an IP of becomes
  • IPs are anonymized at the point of data collection, which means this happens before any information is sent to the Wistia stats database.
  • The media player still collects stats and generates heatmaps for views on your media, but IP data will be masked when doing so. You’ll see the IP address on a Wistia heatmap ending in .0, which indicates it is working.
  • By retaining the non-personalized portion of the IP, we’ll still be able to see useful information like country of origin without compromising the privacy of the individual.
This feature does not work retroactively, so if you need to clear out past IP data already collected in your media stats, we recommend resetting the stats on those media. You can export stats to a CSV file beforehand to hang on to past data.

For even more detail, (Google Analytics has a great article)[] about this type of of IP masking & anonymization.

Domain Restrictions

Video embed Domain Restrictions allows you to prevent a viewer from copying your video embed codes and pasting them on their own domain. When Domain Restrictions is set up, the videos in your account will only display on the domains you specify.

Domain Restrictions apply to all videos in your account. Here’s how to set up Domain Restrictions for your account:

  1. Open to the Account tab in your Account Settings (which requires Account Owner privileges).
  2. Scroll down to the Domain Restrictions section.
  3. Select the “Enabled” radio button, and enter the domains you wish to allowlist. Don’t forget to save your updates!
  4. When you embed your videos onto a website you allow, it will appear properly. If the video was embedded on a webpage not in your specified allowlist, it would appear as it does below.

Monthly Usage

To see the storage and bandwidth usage on your account, you must be logged in as the Account Owner. Select the Usage tab in your Account Settings.

This will show you how much bandwidth you have used, along with your current account limits. If you have a storage limit on your account, that will be displayed as well.

Billing Statements and Invoice Status

To see your invoices and receipts, you must be logged in as the Account Owner. Click the “Statements” tab in your Account Settings. This will display a complete history of invoices and receipts for your account. You can also use this page to check on the Status of an Invoice. Unpaid Invoices will appear outstanding and Paid Invoices will be accompanied by a receipt.

To download an Invoice or Receipt, select View Invoice/Receipt, there will be an option to Download a PDF in the top right corner.

Updating your Payment Method

The Account Owner can add, remove, and change the default payment method for your account’s subscription and monthly extra media. You can find the Payment Methods page under your Account Settings. From here, you can add a credit card or bank account, or choose to pay via ACH or Wire Transfer.

For more details on adding payment methods, head over to our Billing Overview page!

Adding and Removing Managers

From your Account Settings, click the “Managers” tab on the sidebar. To add a Manager, enter the new Manager’s email address into the text box and click ADD AS MANAGER.

To remove existing Managers, click Remove next to their email address in the Current Managers list.

API Access

An API access_token can be used for interacting with the Wistia APIs, and for setting up 3rd party integrations (like Pardot and HubSpot).

To access those credentials for your account, select the API tab from your Account Settings as the Account Owner.


Want to integrate Wistia with your email service provider or marketing automation platform? This is the place to start setting it up! From your Account Settings just select Integrations under Advanced.

For more information about email and marketing automation integrations, head over to the Integrations Index.

Beta Features

Here you can enable (or disable) new and experimental features! Fair warning: beta features may change, break, or be removed at any time. For more information on beta features check out our Betapugs program.

Transferring Ownership of Your Account

If you need to set someone else up as the owner of your account, the first step is to add them as a Manager.

Once the new owner is a Manager (or maybe they already were, you are so sneaky efficient!), select the Account tab in your Account Settings.

Select the new owner from the Account Owner menu, and don’t forget to click Save Settings at the bottom of the page. Ownership will be transferred immediately.

Changing your Email Address and Password

If you would like to change the email address associated with your user account, click “Personal” in the Settings sidebar.

From there, you can change the email that you use to log into Wistia, update your name, and set up email notifications as well! This page runs through all the options in your Personal settings.

Canceling Your Account

We understand, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.

In order to cancel your account, you must be logged in as the Account Owner. Once logged in, navigate to your Account Settings and select “Cancel” from the side menu. You’ll be prompted to select whether you’d like to cancel immediately or at the end of your billing cycle, then you’re good to go.

Accidentally cancel your account? You can re-activate your account by logging in as the Account Owner. Hooray!