Wistia SSO Setup - OneLogin

Learn how to configure Wistia SSO with OneLogin for simpler and more secure logins.

SSO is only available for accounts on the Premium Plan at this time. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Wistia Support to get started!

Configure Wistia SSO with OneLogin

Within your OneLogin account, open the Admin panel and go to “Applications,” then click “Add App.” Enter the following details:

  • Display Name: “Wistia.”
  • Rectangular Icon: Upload this file.
  • Square Icon: Upload this file.
  • Click “Save.”

In the left navigation, click “Configuration.” Enter the following values:

Audience URI (Entity ID)urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_2sjOZnclh
ACS (Consumer) URL Validator^https:\/\/sso-auth\.wistia\.com\/saml2\/idpresponse$
ACS (Consumer) URLhttps://sso-auth.wistia.com/saml2/idpresponse
SAML initiatorService Provider

All other options have proper defaults. Click “Save.”

Next, In the left nav click “Parameters.” For each new parameter, Click the “+” icon, enter the value specified below, then choose Include in SAML assertion and click save.

Field Namevalue
firstNameFirst Name
lastNameLast Name

Save all parameters. Lastly, under the “More Actions” dropdown in the top navigation, right click “SAML Metadata” and click “Copy link.” Send this Metadata URL to your Wistia Customer Success Manager.

Upon receiving the IdP metadata URL, Wistia will configure and enable SSO logins for your account, and notify you when ready.

More Details on Wistia SSO

For more information around our SSO functionality and what we currently support, check out our main SSO article which includes lots of details and an FAQ section with answers to common questions.