Wistia Tracking Alerts

When sharing content privately within Wistia, you can set up email alerts to stay in the know on how your contacts are navigating through your content. Learn more here!

What are email alerts?

Email alerts are automated emails sent to Wistia Managers (and, in limited cases, other users) that alert them to particular events that have occurred in their Wistia account. Alerts can be received for the following events:

  • New media - Alert Manager when media is uploaded or copied into a project
  • New comment - Alert Manager when new comments are made
  • Sharing - Alert Manager when someone invites new users to view my projects
  • Download - Alert Manager when someone downloads media
  • Activation - Alert Manager when a user activates their account
  • Login - Alert Manager when a user logs in to Wistia
  • Failed login - Alert Manager when someone tries to login to Wistia but enters an incorrect email or password

If a Manager is receiving login alerts, when one of their users logs into their Wistia account, they will receive an email that looks like the following:

How do I adjust my email alert settings?

While logged into your Wistia account, choose the Settings option under the Account tab at the top of any page in your Wistia account. You will be taken to a page where you can manage your own personal Wistia settings. Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Email Notifications.”

Need to know when someone uploads new content or adds users to a project? Bogged down with too many emails? Adjust your settings here!

Are you an Account Owner? To access your notifications you’ll want to head into your Account Settings and choose the Personal tab.