Permission Levels In Wistia

Each contact in your Wistia account has a set of permissions. These permissions set out the rules for how they can interact with the files in your account.

In general, the permissions users can have are:

  • Create Projects
  • Upload & Download Media
  • Share Media/Projects
  • Track Stats and Account Usage Levels
  • Create New Contacts
  • Embed Videos

Owner-Level Permissions

The Owner of the Wistia Account has the highest permissions of any user. There is only one Owner-Level Contact on each Account, which can be set from the “Account” tab of the Account Settings.

Owners have access to anything a Manager or contact does, but in addition, they can:

  • Check the Stats of Any Project
  • Monitor the Usage of the Account (bandwidth & storage)
  • Add new Managers to the Account
  • Change the Logo, Name, or URL on the Account
  • Cancel the Wistia Account

Manager-Level Permissions

“Managers” in Wistia are the controllers of the content in accounts. Managers can do things like add Projects, upload medias, and share those Projects/videos with new viewers. They can also control contacts, and create new groups.

Managers can:

  • Create and manage projects
  • Create new viewers and manage their permissions
  • Upload video and other media content
  • Invite viewers to privately view video
  • View tracking statistics for private video sharing
  • Publish videos to third party websites (also called “embedding a video”)
  • View embedded video statistics
  • Receive email alerts for account activity

Contact-Level Permissions

“Contacts” must be created by the Account Owners or Managers. The access that contacts have can be limited to viewing a specific Project, and the videos contained therein. When a contact is created, their access can also include things like the ability to upload new content, download content, and share content. Contacts are required to create a password to access the system.