Video Analytics Overview

Wistia's analytics are designed to help you understand how your audience engages with your content. Dive in to everything you could dream of

Wistia stats are the best way to get a complete view of who is watching your video and how they are watching and interacting with it.

This overview will give a high-level view of all the ways you can check out stats in Wistia.

If someone is logged into Wistia and is viewing your videos, their views will be tracked in your Private User Sessions. You can read more about this more on our Private Sharing Page.

Wistia provides lots of different types of analytics for your videos. We organize those analytics into several categories.

We start with high-level stats — account and project-level trends in your videos. Then we dive into video-level trends and check out total engagement, play rate, and action analytics. Next up is viewer data, like heatmaps and email tracking. And, of course, where would we be if you couldn’t export all of this sweet data? Learn what sort of information you’ll get in each type of data export.

Confused about any terms we’re using? Check out the Wistia Glossary for a quick explanation.

High-Level Stats

Video trends is the best place for understanding your entire video strategy. Here you’ll be able to understand the success of any project, and see how your videos are performing at a glance. Check out the Video Trends page for more.

Video Stats

Drill down further into viewing stats on your media stats page. Here you can find detailed insights into how the video was viewed — both at the aggregate level through the engagement graph, and individually through heatmaps. Plus, Wistia provides some sweet, sweet stats around Lead Generation Tools. Who clicked what — where’d you get those Turnstile leads? It’s all here.

Check out the video stats page for more.

Engagement Graphs

On the video stats page you’ll be able to access the Wistia engagement graph. 📈

This beauty shows you the aggregate viewing data for your video-spikes will show rewatches and increased interest.

There’s a lot to cover on this topic, so check out the help page all about audience engagement graphs.

Viewer Stats

We make it super easy to drill down into individual viewer stats for your videos. Not only can you check out heatmaps, but you can also look at up-to-date views as they come in in the view stream. Check out all identified viewers in the Audience page, see the entire viewing history of a viewer on the viewer page, and manually identify viewers with identity tagging.


Heatmaps show you second-by-second how your individual viewers watched your video. They’re color-coded to show which parts of the video were most interesting. 🔥 Check out the heatmaps page for more.

Exporting Analytics Data

While we work hard on making our analytics interface powerful yet easy-to-use, it can sometimes be necessary to export your stats data for further analysis.

Check out all of those sweet, sweet stats you can export over on the exporting stats page.

If something seems fishy with your stats, you can always check out our Status Page for more information about what might be going on. Still no luck? Contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you out!