Editing in Wistia

Trim your videos directly in your Wistia account.

We’re now offering the beta experience of editing to customers on our Advanced and Premium plans! To access the editor, head to the media page of the video you’d like to edit.

In the lefthand menu, you’ll see an option to “Edit."

After selecting “Edit” you’ll be directed to the editing experience, where you can play through your video and trim out content.

We don’t currently offer the ability to edit Channel episodes, but stay tuned!

Trimming Your Content

To trim out a segment of your video, move the playhead on the timeline to the beginning of the part you’d like to remove, then click “Trim.”

Drag the end marker to the point when you want the video to resume and select “Apply.”

Your trim will appear yellow on the timeline and you can make as many trims as you’d like!

Videos you import from Soapbox to Wistia will carry over any trims you’ve made in Soapbox and will display automatically on the timeline in the Editor.

Removing and Adjusting Trims

You can remove previously made trims by selecting the trim you want to remove, and then selecting “Remove Trim” from the menu bar at the bottom of the page.

Don’t want to remove a trim, but want to adjust it instead? You can adjust trims by selecting the desired trim, and then dragging either end of the trim box to adjust the start and end times. Once done, select “Apply Trim.”

Double check that you’re happy with your edits! Once you click “Save as Copy,” your edits will be committed to the new video and you will no longer be able to remove or adjust the trims. Don’t worry-you’ll still be able to edit the original video if you later decide you’d like to make additional changes.

Saving Your Edits

Once you’ve finished making your edits, you can save them as a brand new video!

Click on the “Save as Copy” button on the top right of the Editor page, and your new video will be created in the same Project folder as the original video. You’ll notice the title of the new version of your video has details about when you last edited it.

And that’s it! You’ve just edited a video in Wistia.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team and we’ll be happy to help!