Media Page Editing

Customize how your media page appears for your viewers.

You can set specific customizations for how you’d like your media page to appear when you share it with viewers.

Edit and Preview Media Page

On a paid plan, to customize a media page, click “Edit/Preview Media Page” in the top right. Here, you can see a preview of how your media page appears for the public, and choose from a number of customizations.

Player Letterbox Color

Choose how you’d like the border around your video to display. This can be set to dark, light, or custom. If you select the custom option, you’ll be able to set the background to any color you’d like. You can also set the color picker to only show high contrast background colors.


Choose from a number of different page fonts, as well as the title font size (if the title is enabled).

Title, Description, and Transcript

You can choose to disable or enable the title, description, or transcript on your media page.

Sharing Your Media Page

Once you’ve set your desired customizations, it’s time to share your media page!

Click “Copy Media Link” to share. If you’d like to get a full preview of the media page outside of your Wistia account, copy the link into an incognito window, or log out to see exactly what it looks like for your viewers.