Replacing Your Media

Why replace an entire embed code when you can simply replace a video in Wistia? Wistia's replace tool has got you covered!

Sometimes, it just takes too much effort to replace an embed code in the wild. Calling your developer doesn’t always need to happen though, with Wistia’s replace video tool!

There are two ways to replace a video in Wistia — overwrite and swap. An overwrite for a video is intended for slight editing tweaks (caught that typo too late!) and quick fixes. Videos that are overwritten will keep their stats — so you won’t lose a second of data.

A swap makes it easy to place a completely different video in the wild without changing your embed code. When you swap a video we’ll save the old version in the same project with a new Hashed ID — that magical string of numbers and letters at the end of a Wistia URL that keeps everything neatly organized behind-the-scenes.

(So for this video the Hashed ID would be sqzcdxvf9p.)

The Replace Video functionality is designed to cause the least disruption possible for your embedded video. So while the replacement is uploading and processing, the old video will continue to play anywhere it is embedded. No stats or comments will be affected, and the video will update immediately after its finished processing.

For both Swap and Overwrite all customizations will transfer (including the thumbnail) with the replacement. Captions, Lead Conversion Tools (Turnstile, CTA, and Annotation links), and any player customizations will remain the same.

Replacing a video does not replace any other copies of that video you’ve made in your account.

Let’s dive in.

Swap out Video Content

Swapping a video makes it easy to change an already embedded video without touching any code. If you’re looking to change your homepage video, but don’t have time or resources to change your embed code, then swap is for you!

To swap a video, navigate to the video in your account you’d like to swap.

From your video page, select Replace Video.

You’ll be given two options: Swap out video content, start new stats from scratch and Overwrite the original, build on top of its stats. The default is set to Swap out video content. Click Choose Replace Video and select which video you’d like to upload as your replacement.

Your video will begin uploading and processing. You’re almost there!

Once the video is done processing you’re good to go! Your new video will appear in the wild, and your old video (with all of its stats) will be safely archived in the same project.

You can update the title of either video by choosing the Edit button next to the video name. Here’s a bit more about staying organized in your Wistia account.

Keep in mind, swap will change all instances of your video — including any links you’ve shared (something like: If you’re still not sure of the best move for you, give us a shout! We’ll be happy to help.

Overwrite the Original

Overwriting is intended for quick fixes and last minute updates. Spell the CEO’s name wrong, or decide the logo should be a different color? Don’t sweat! We’ve got you covered.

First, navigate to the video you’d like to update and choose ’Replace Video.'

Select Overwrite the original content, build on top of its stats from the Replace Video modal and then click Choose Replace Video. Pick the video you’d like to update it with, and sit back!

Your video will begin uploading and processing.

Once it’s done, you’re all set! The video will update in the wild — no new embed code needed.

Still not sure what’s the right move? Got a use case that’s got you in a jam? Contact us. We’d love to help you out. :)