Asset URLs

Tips and Tricks for Asset URLs in Wistia.

Asset URLs - Tips & Tricks

Modifying File Extensions

Asset URLs in Wistia take this form:

The .bin extension at the URL is for binary. Certain ornery clients (iTunes, ahem) won’t accept URLs that don’t end in an extension that’s familiar to them. In this case, you can drop the .bin, add a slash, and append whatever filename and extension you like -– you’ll still get the underlying asset. So, say the URL above is an mp4 file and we really want that in the URL. Here’s what we’d have:

Getting an Asset URL

In order to get a specific asset URL, you can use the Wistia Data API, specifically the medias:show method, or, you can use this handy tool. It will give you a link for the 1280 x 720p mp4 asset URL.

Getting HLS assets

Wistia uses HLS playback - if you would like to retrieve HLS assets for your videos, you’ll first want to grab an mp4 derivative asset from your video. Any quality will work, we just don’t recommend using the original upload. Change the extension from .bin to .m3u8, and add the query parameter origin_v2=1 . This will return an HLS manifest file for that particular mp4.

Just as a heads up, we don’t recommend using Asset URLs, because direct asset links pull the video file outside of our player. As a result, you don’t get any stats, analytics, customizations, or HLS playback delivery. Using them, however, does count towards your account’s bandwidth.

Resizing Images

Using the Data API or oEmbed endpoint, you can obtain the thumbnail URL for your video, and then manipulate it. Check working with images.

Extracting Images

You can also extract thumbnails from a video by modify the URL of that video asset. Pretty sneaky, right? Here’s how to do it: Extracting Thumbnails


If you have an asset that’s served over HTTP and you’d like to get it served over HTTPS instead, you’ll need to change the subdomain from embed to embed-ssl. We use different subdomains for SSL and non-SSL assets because they’re sometimes served through different CDNs for performance reasons.