Firewall and Network AllowList Settings

Using on a restrictive business or school network? Learn about allowlisting our domains to ensure you can continue streaming your videos!

Do we have to worry about Wistia video and audio medias being blocked like content from other hosting services?

Other providers like YouTube and Vimeo can be blocked by offices, schools, etc because the videos hosted on those platforms includes “entertainment” content. Our customer’s focus is on business/marketing content, and because of this Wistia is rarely blocklisted.

In situations where all video or audio content is blocked, regardless of source, allowlisting the following domains will ensure your Wistia content comes through:

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You can use Domain Restrictions to prevent a viewer from copying your video embed codes and pasting them on their domain. When domain restriction is set up, the medias in your account will only display on the domains you specify. Click Here to learn how to add Domain Restrictions to your account!