Wistia Chrome Extension for Gmail (Deprecated)

Upload and share your videos using Wistia for Chrome.

Wistia has recently deprecated our Wistia Chrome Extension in favor of alternative Wistia features that allow you to share and embed your videos easily. If you use Chrome and currently have this extension installed, you may not be able to log-in to the extension, or the extension may have been removed from your browser. However, you can still quickly and easily add videos to your emails and other applications with two alternative Wistia features: Embed and Share and Copy Thumbnail & Link. Both of these features work across all browsers and in any application.

Wistia for Chrome is the easiest way to share your Wistia videos directly within Gmail, Medium, Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress.com.

Welcome to Wistia for Chrome!

If you got here after signing in from the extension, you’re all set up! Go try out your shiny new toy by sharing a video in Gmail, Medium, Shopify, Squarespace, or WordPress.com! Or, read on to learn more about what the extension enables you to do.

Don’t have Wistia for Chrome yet? Get it at wistia.com/chrome


When you open a Compose window in Gmail (to start to write a new email), Wistia for Chrome adds a Wistia button to the toolbar.

The Wistia button will open a window right into your Wistia account, all while never leaving Gmail. It’s like a little pocket-Wistia.

Selecting a Video to Share

The mini Wistia interface lets you access your Wistia library right within Gmail. Inside the interface you can choose a video from your account, or upload a new one. You can preview any video directly within that mini Wistia window.

If there are some more advanced customizations you’d like to apply (like player color, lead generation tools, or captions, you can jump directly to a video in Wistia with the View in Wistia option. 🔎 This will allow you to apply all of the Wistia customizations you know and love.

Adding Your Video into a Gmail Email

After you’ve decided which video to share, there are a few options for inserting it into your message.

The Insert in Gmail option will insert a tagged thumbnail image link directly into your Gmail message. The tagged image allows Wistia to pull in the recipient’s email address. This way the viewer will automatically be identified with their email address in your stats.

You can also copy a link to the video’s URL instead of adding an image. To do this, use the Copy URL option to add the video’s URL directly to your clipboard.

Resizing the Thumbnail Image in Gmail

To resize the video thumbnail image, click on the image twice. The first time you click on it, Gmail will display the URL that the link points to. Click it a second time, and you get these options to resize the image:

Make sure it’s formatted to fit your email just right, check for any tpyos, and hit send! 💌


Wistia for Chrome lets you share your videos directly to your stories in Medium. So long as Wistia for Chrome is active, the Medium embedding menu will have a snazzy new Wistia button.

Click that button and your mini Wistia interface will appear. From there, you can automatically insert your videos directly into your story.


If you’d like to add your video to a product, blog post, or page within Shopify, you can select the Insert video button in the editing menu.

That button will open a second menu with a link for selecting a Wistia video. If you click that link, it will open your mini Wistia interface with the option to insert your videos directly into your Shopify page.


To add your Wistia video to Squarespace, you’ll need to add a new video block to your page.

Once you’ve selected the video block, you’ll have the option to copy URL from Wistia first. Selecting this option will open your mini Wistia interface.

To add your video to your page, you will need to to choose the Copy URL option. After that, you can paste it directly into the URL box provided by Squarespace.


You can add your Wistia videos to WordPress.com by selecting the Insert Content option (it’s the down carrot next to the plus sign on the far left of the editing tool bar).

After selecting your video in the Wistia for Chrome interface, it will inject your video directly into your WordPress.com page.