Getting Started

  • Content Standards Policy

    An easy-to-read guide on types of content you can and can't upload to Wistia

  • Exporting Guide

    Get the skinny on using specific software to export video for uploading to Wistia.

  • Export Settings

    Follow our guidelines on video export settings to get the best quality output for your content in Wistia.

  • Firewall and Network Whitelist Settings

    Using on a restrictive business or school network? Learn about whitelisting our domains to ensure you can continue streaming your videos!

  • Importing From a GoPro

    The GoPro is a great way to capture beautiful HD shots for your videos. In this guide, we'll walk through how to move video from your GoPro to your Wistia account.

  • Security

    Wistia provides multiple levels of security for your videos. Learn more here!

  • Upload Video

    Learn how uploading with Wistia works.

  • Viewer Requirements

    Wistia videos work pretty much everywhere on the web, but if you want to double check this is the right place to look!

  • Welcome to Wistia 🎉

    You signed up for a Wistia account—that's fantastic news! Let us be the first to throw you a party. Here's how to dive right in, and use Wistia to grow your business.

  • Wistia FAQ

    General FAQs for Wistia? This is the Pre-Customer Help Desk, a great place to answer some of your out-of-the-gate questions.

  • Wistia for iOS Mobile App

    Download our iOS app to use Wistia anywhere, any time.

  • Wistia Glossary

    A glossary of Wistia terms. Definitions, uses, and links to more info. It's pretty rad, if we're being honest.