Wistia provides multiple levels of security for your videos. Learn more here!

#Wistia Video Security

We know that keeping your data safe, available, and backed up is critical when trusting a service provider with your data. We don't expect anything less from our vendors and neither should you. Learn about Wistia security below.

We've designed our external and internal security policies and procedures so that you can relax and focus on what you do best – running your business.

From catastrophe planning to low level encryption of credentials, Wistia's focus on security allows your business to have peace of mind that your content is being protected. Work with confidence, Wistia has you covered.

We're continually taking steps to make your videos as secure as possible:

  1. The Wistia accounts have been designed to be completely private. Wistia accounts are not crawled by search engines.

  2. Activation links that require the user to set up a password are only good for one use - they cannot be passed along.

  3. Our domain restriction feature ensures your video can only be played on specific domains.

With that said, it is not possible to guarantee your videos will remain secure. Video download tools are never more than a Google search away, and malicious viewers can find a way to download any content they can view.

If you have critical content, don't allow viewers you are uncomfortable with to access the content. Putting it behind access walls is your best bet - not trying to put security on the video content.

As we've posted in the past, if you can see it, you can steal it, and if you aren't comfortable sharing it by e-mail, you might not want to share it with web video.