Custom Audiences

Time to connect your Facebook Ad Account and Wistia - see Wistia data within Facebook and use that data to create custom audiences for ad targeting.

Custom Audiences allows you to connect your Facebook Ad Account to Wistia. With Wistia stats in Facebook, you’ll have the power to “retarget” ads on Facebook based on video engagement.

Setting up the Wistia - Custom Audiences Integration

Wistia and Facebook Ads are a match made in marketing heaven. Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting the Custom Audiences Integration working for you.

Before you get started you’ll need to be an Account Owner in Wistia, and on a plan with the Custom Audiences Integration enabled.

Let’s start with a brief overview. Here are the 3 key steps to getting fully integrated:

Connect to Facebook Ads. This will allow you to connect your Facebook Ad platform accounts to Wistia in order to empower those platforms with viewership data.

Accept Permissions. When connected, this will grant Wistia permission to manage your ad account.

Confirm Connection. Confirm that we’ve connected to and are using the correct pixel and ad account.

Connect to Facebook Ads

First we need to connect to Facebook Ads. To do so, navigate to the integration page within your Account and select the Facebook Ads integration. This integration will be listed under the “Promotion Integrations” section of the page.

Connect to the Integration by clicking Connect to Facebook Ads and login to your Facebook account.

Be sure to login to the Facebook Account that manages your Ad Platforms.

1. Connect to Facebook Ads

Accept Permissions

Once you have connected to Facebook, you will be prompted to accept the permissions that Wistia will request from Facebook. For the Facebook Ads integration, we will be requesting the ability to manage ads.

2. Accepting Permissions

How will you know if your connection is successful? After accepting the requested permissions, you will have completed the integration flow and be redirected back to the Integrations page in Wistia. You should then see Facebook ads marked as “connected.”

Choosing Ad Managers and Ad Pixels

Within your Wistia Integration Page, expand your Facebook Ads Integration. You should see the name of the Ad Manager and the Ad Pixel which you are connected to. If you have multiple accounts associated with your Facebook login, you can select the Ad Account Manager and/or Pixel that you would like to be integrated with from their respective dropdown menus.

3. Choosing Ad Managers and Ad Pixels

Using Viewer Event Data to inform your Custom Audience

When a viewer watches an embedded Wistia video or channel, we send the following events to Facebook:

  • % Watched
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 100%
  • SecondsWatched
  • Played Video
  • Subscribed

Each of these events also includes additional metadata that can be used to “refine” audience rules in Facebook’s Audience creation tool. We include the following metadata about each of the events we send:

  • channel_id: The 10 character string at the end of each Channel URL which is a unique identifier for each channel.
  • channel_name: Text reflecting the name of the channel. Associated with the name designated to its original Project.

  • video_id: The 10 character string at the end of each Video URL which is a unique identifier for each video.

  • video_name: Text reflecting the name of the video. Associated with the name designated to the video on your Video’s editor page.

Adding a Suggested Audience to your Channel

  • First, ensure you are viewing a Channel and choose Promote Page from the left hand navigation bar.
If your Facebook Ads integration is not yet connected, you will see the following:

4. Adding A Suggested Audience

Once you are properly connected, you will be able to navigate to your new “Promote Page.” This page will be accessible via a left navigation item when viewing a Channel. Here is what your Promote Page will look like:

4.1. Promote Page

We include the following “Suggested audiences” for all channels:

  • Watched less than one video
  • Watched one video
  • Watched more than one video
  • Subscribed to the channel
Once these audiences have been enabled, they will appear in the Audiences section of the Facebook Ad account you connected. On Facebook, these audiences can be used for ad targeting.The suggested audiences we have provided are meant to help you get started and provide inspiration on the types of audiences you could be promoting your Channel to from Facebook.

Once you enable them, your Custom Audiences will appear in the Facebook ad account which you are connected to. On Facebook these audiences can be used for ad targeting, yay!