Export to VideoAsk Integration

Export your Wistia video directly to VideoAsk and connect with your customers in a more personal way.

What’s VideoAsk?

VideoAsk is a more human tool for talking to customers. With our Wistia > VideoAsk Integration you can add video to make personalized messages to your customers & leads. VideoAsk allows you to add questionnaires, calendar links, and the ability to collect leads. Make your customer experience tailored to them with VideoAsk.

How to Integrate

No need to set up this integration beforehand, it’s available on all videos within your Wistia Projects. To get started, select a project within Wistia & choose the media you wish to share. Once there, select Embed & Share > Share. At the bottom of the Embed & Share modal you’ll see the option to Export to VideoAsk.

Clicking on “Export to VideoAsk” will bring you into the VideoAsk app. From here you’ll need to log into your VideoAsk account & elect to add your media to the VideoAsk library. If you don’t have a VideoAsk login, you can also set up an account from scratch.

Now the fun begins! You can customize your VideoAsk to suit your needs. Embed a VideoAsk in emails to leads with a customized message & option to book time on your calendar or send a VideoAsk in response to customer questions.

You can use VideoAsk to qualify leads, collect testimonials, and more. Check out VideoAsk to learn more and simplify your process with the Wistia > VideoAsk Integration.

The Wistia > VideoAsk Integration streams your videos outside of the Wistia player, which means those plays won’t have any video stats, analytics, customizations, HLS playback delivery, or other features specific to the Wistia player. These plays do count towards your account’s bandwidth usage. If you do use the integration, be aware that bandwidth usage may increase, which can incur additional usage costs for your account.