Using the Wistia - Hubspot v1 Integration (deprecated)

See how Wistia's v1 integration with HubSpot works.

The next version of the HubSpot integration has arrived! Head on over to our page all about v2 of the HubSpot integration to check it out. This page only covers the old version of the integration, deprecated on July 15 2017. If you still have Hubspot v1 in your account, it will remain until you upgrade or disconnect.

Haven’t signed up for the integration yet?

HubSpot is marketing software designed to help increase leads and drive better engagement. They are the masters of inbound marketing … heck, they invented it!

HubSpot and Wistia work together in a bunch of different ways:

  • Video heatmaps show up in your contacts' timelines
  • A Wistia Turnstile integration
  • Video events are piped to HubSpot so you can segment your contacts based on viewing behavior

See this video for more:

Migrating from HubSpot v1

If you’re still using HubSpot v1, you may want to take the leap into our newer integration which comes with more advanced functionality like embeddable HubSpot forms.

The steps to migrate from HubSpot v1 to HubSpot v2 are pretty simple, but things can get more complicated depending on the workflows you’ve built into your HubSpot account.

The steps below cover the migration, but keep in mind that you may need to make adjustments to your workflows on the HubSpot side of things.

To migrate over to HubSpot v2 you’ll first need to disconnect your HubSpot v1 integration. You can do this by visiting the integrations page of your Wistia account settings and selecting the HubSpot integration: Account > Settings > Integrations. (Keep in mind, only the Account Owner can get into Account Settings.) You’ll see an option to Disconnect in the bottom right corner of that menu.

Once you’ve disconnected your HubSpot v1 integration, you can follow the normal steps for setting everything up to connect to the HubSpot v2 integration. Every Turnstile you’d previously added will remain on your videos, but they won’t have a specific HubSpot list associated with them (because v1 didn’t allow for lists!).

For Turnstile to work properly, it now needs to point toward a specific list; you’ll need to set a dedicated list for any videos in your account that have a Turnstile.

Key Differences of HubSpot v2

In the HubSpot v1 integration, a Turnstile entry acted as a new form submission in HubSpot. The HubSpot v2 integration no longer uses the same API, so a Turnstile entry no longer count as a form submission. Instead, the email conversion is sent to HubSpot and added to the list that you specify within the customizations for the video. You can read more about setting up Turnstile lists below.

When setting up Workflows or Smart lists, Wistia events that occur on the video now appear as properties on the contact instead of contained within HubSpot events. Here’s what they look like now:

You can read more about using the new properties below. Any workflows and dynamic lists based on the older events will need to be updated to use these properties instead. This will ensure that new contacts are captured and tracked properly through the HubSpot v2 integration.

Setting Everything Up

There are three steps to getting fully integrated:

  1. Enable the integration inside your HubSpot account.
  2. Set up Turnstile to work with HubSpot.
  3. Just kidding, there’s no step 3. Woot!

Enable the Integration in HubSpot

To enable the integration within HubSpot, log into your HubSpot account, click on your beautiful face (your profile picture) in the upper right of the screen, and go to Integrations.

In Integrations, you’ll see Wistia right at the top! Click Integrate with HubSpot.

HubSpot will request the API access_token from your Wistia account (which you can find here). Pop that into HubSpot and you’re nearly ready.

You’re almost done! All you need to do now is set up HubSpot with Turnstile in your Wistia account.


Want to make your HubSpot-Wistia powers even stronger? Of course you do!

Once you’ve entered your HubSpot ID into Wistia, you’ll be able to gather leads with Turnstile.

Jump back to your Wistia account, and head into Account Settings. (Keep in mind, only the Account Owner can get into Account Settings.) Once you’re there head to Integrations under Advanced. Scroll down to the Advanced Integrations section. Enter your HubSpot ID and connect.

HubSpot will ask you to login to your account, and verify that you’re cool with authorizing Wistia.

Once you’ve entered all your HubSpot info and configured it, you are ready to use the HubSpot Turnstile with your next Wistia video. To do this, head over to your video’s overview panel, select Customize, and then select the Turnstile menu.

Note that unlike many of the other Turnstile integrations, with the HubSpot integration you don’t choose a list for the emails to be pushed to. Instead, we automatically create a Form for you in HubSpot for each video. You can use HubSpot’s Smart Lists to group and organize your contacts. This is far more flexible and powerful than having to select a list for each video and forcing the contacts into that one list!

For a more in-depth guide see the Turnstile page.

Now that everything’s set up, let’s see how this thing actually works!

Turnstile as Form Submissions

So now you have your HubSpot Turnstile integration set up, and you’ve shared (or embedded) a video with turnstile turned on. Here’s a quick guide to tracking those submissions in HubSpot.

From under the Contacts menu in your HubSpot account, select Forms.

Your video should appear in your Forms list, entered under the title of your video in your Wistia account. You can check the submissions and take other conversion actions from the Forms area.


Heatmaps in Contact Timeline

One of the coolest things about this integration is that you’ll see video heatmaps in your contacts' timelines. It will look like this:

Unidentified Wistia viewers that have been identified by HubSpot (with something like a form submission) will also get Wistia events attached to them. This is with the caveat that the Wistia-HubSpot integration was configured at the time those events actually took place.

Segmenting Based on Viewing Behavior

If you’re a HubSpot Enterprise customer you have access to their powerful events engine. Once you have this integration set up, we’ll automatically send the following events for every Wistia video on your site:

  • Video played
  • Video 25% watched, 50% watched, 75% watched and 100% watched
  • Links clicked

This means that you can segment your contacts based on this viewing data. Here’s what it looks like if I wanted to segment based on everyone who’s watched 100% of my 2011 Recap video.

Some cool things you can do with this:

  • Find everyone who loaded a particular video but didn’t play it and send that video out to them in an email.
  • Nudge viewers who’ve only watched 25% of a video.
  • Know who your most engaged viewers are.
  • Follow up with users to clicked on annotation links and Calls to Action.

Email Merge Tags

With the HubSpot-Wistia integration you can easily embed a thumbnail of your video in your email campaign. When visitors click the video image with the play button, they’ll be sent to your website to watch the video.

When you use this integration, your recipients email addresses are automatically piped through to your Wistia and HubSpot stats. So for everyone who clicks through on the email, you’ll be able to see who they are and what parts of the video they’ve watched!

First you’ll want to grab the email merge tag from Wistia. Pick the video you’d like to share, and select the Embed & Share button. Within the Embed & Share menu, select Email Campaign Link, and make sure HubSpot is chosen as the Email Provider.

Change the size, play button color, and page the video links to. Then copy the email merge tag.

For HubSpot it should look something like this:

<a href="{{}}"><img src="" alt="Wistiafest is Coming" width="500" height="281" /></a>

Next head over to HubSpot’s Email Builder.

When you’re editing your email in HubSpot, click the Source Code button in the Main Body Text editor. This will ensure that the editor won’t mess with the code that we paste in.

Paste in the email merge tag.

And then you should see the thumbnail of your video appear in the preview window. Pretty cool, eh?

Once you’ve got that beauty ready to go, send that email!

It’s always good to send a test message to yourself first to make sure everything’s linked up right. Note that when HubSpot sends the test message it will pass through “EMAIL” to our tracking system instead of your actual email address.

When you send the actual email, it will substitute the recipients emails in instead.

May your click-through rates be high and your video engagements long!

Getting Wildly Advanced

Using HubSpot’s JavaScript events API and our player API, you can accomplish some awe-inspiring feats of sales and marketing automation.

Consider this: you sell self-driving cars. You have a video that’s part of your sales funnel, and you want to know if a prospect has watched key areas of that video.

You could set up code like this to report to HubSpot when a prospect has watched the following sections:

  • Never look for a parking spot again
  • Have your car drive your kids to school
  • Drink a beer while riding home from work on a Friday
  var reportSection = function(name, start, end){
    var watched = [];
    for (i = start; i < end; i++) { watched.push(false); }

    function watchedItAll(){
      var c = 0;
      for(i = 0; i < watched.length; i++) {
        if (watched[i]) { c++; }
      return c == watched.length;

    wistiaEmbed.bind("secondchange", function(s){
      if (s >= start && s < end) {
        watched[s - start] = true;

      if (watchedItAll()) {
        window._hsq.push(['trackEvent', { id: name }]);
        return this.unbind;

  reportSection("Watched part about death to parking", 11, 22);
  reportSection("Watched part about kid chauffeur", 38, 46);
  reportSection("Watched part about drinking and driving", 95, 108);

Ta da! Automation bliss! Segment on these events, see them in your timeline, the sky’s the limit.


Got issues? Not seeing the magic? We’re here to help!

I can’t see my heatmaps!

HubSpot will batch-pull data from Wistia, so heatmaps might not be piped in immediately — but they’ll be there soon.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the Wistia icon in your contact’s timeline is the vibrant, Wistia blue (it will be grey if its not turned on). This is usually turned on by default in HubSpot, but if you’ve deselected the option, you won’t be able to see the nifty heatmaps.

Turnstile isn’t pulling in heatmaps!

If you’ve built your own webpage you’ll want to make sure the HubSpot tracking code is in there. Without it, Wistia and HubSpot are just two ships passing in the night — we won’t be able to communicate properly.

Here’s HubSpot’s guide on adding your tracking code.

Just a heads up, Wistia media pages don’t have the HubSpot tracking code on them. You’ll need to embed your videos out in the wild in order to start pulling data into HubSpot.

Still not working? We’re happy to help! Give us a holler, and we’ll jump on the case. 🤓