Setting up the Wistia - Pardot Integration

How to use Wistia and Pardot together for super-powered video marketing

Use Pardot? Use Wistia? Want to meld them together to execute a video-driven marketing automation strategy the likes of which this world has never seen? You’re in the right place, friend.

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With the Wistia-Pardot integration you can:

  • Generate new leads from your videos
  • See how prospects are watching all the videos on your website
  • Score leads based on video viewing data
  • Use video and email together in marketing harmony 💕

Sound fun? That’s because it is fun. And it’s easy! This page will give you everything you need to get started and be successful.

Set up the Pardot Integration

You’ll need to be the Account Owner or a Manager in an account, on a plan with the Pardot integration enabled.

First things first, let’s connect the puzzle pieces. You’ll need:

If you have all of that, here’s how to get started:

1. Add your Pardot account in Wistia

In Wistia, head to Account Settings and navigate to the Integrations section under Advanced. Scroll down to Marketing Automation integrations. Enter the credentials you use to login to Pardot, along with your Pardot API User Key (which you can find in your Pardot settings).

Connect and you’re halfway set up! Proceed to step 2. 👇

2. Enable the Wistia Connector in Pardot

In your Pardot account, click the Admin menu at the top of the page, and choose the Connector section. From there, click Add Connector, and choose Wistia under Video Connectors. That’ll bring you to a form quite like this:

Check the "Show Video Play Heatmaps" box, and then fill in your API Token and Public Token from Wistia. Here’s a guide on how to find those. Then save the connector, and do the “My Wistia and Pardot accounts are connected at last!” dance. Read on for details about what you can do with your newfound powers.

Collect Pardot Prospects with Turnstile

With Turnstile, you can ask people to enter their names and email addresses at any point in your videos. And now that you have Wistia connected to Pardot, that information will automatically create a new Prospect record in your Pardot Account. Woo!

“Hold on, Wistia. What if the person is already an existing visitor in Pardot” you ask? Good question! In that case, we’ll convert the existing record in Pardot from an anonymous Visitor to a known Prospect. Please note, our marketing integrations go in one direction. This means that Wistia will feed contacts over into Pardot, but that other Pardot form submissions will not feed into Wistia stats.

Here’s an example Turnstile on one of the videos made here at Wistia HQ:

If that was your video, you’d be generating new leads right this very moment. So go ahead and embed your own video to get started! You can find Turnstile in the Customize panel.

Here’s a handy blog post by Ezra about how to use Turnstile most effectively: Collect More Emails With Video.

Target Your Marketing Based on Prospect Video Behavior

From the Video report (see above 👆), you can add all the prospects who watched a certain video to a list in your Pardot account. You can also give them all tags if you’d like. Or heck, do both!

On a specific video’s page in Pardot (which you can access from the full list in the Video report), click the Tools menu on the right:

From there just choose what you’d like to do with the prospects who watched your video, and let Pardot work its magic.

Use Video Events in Prospect Scoring

Want to adjust prospect scores based on video data? Me too. Let’s do this.

First, check out Pardot’s overall guide on setting up Custom Scoring. Now with the Wistia-Pardot integration set up, you’re able to use three specific video-related events to adjust a Prospect’s score:

  • Video Play: Simply, the person began playing a video.
  • Video Watched 75%+: The person watched at least 75% of the video.
  • Video Conversion: The person entered their contact information into Turnstile on the video.


Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

Email is a great way to nurture leads and stay engaged with your growing audience. Then add a little video to the mix, stir in some tracking and analytics, and baby, you got a stew goin'!

To add a video thumbnail link to an email campaign, just follow this quick process:

  1. Open the video’s page in your Wistia account.
  2. Select Embed & Share.
  3. On the Link In Email Campaign tab, select Pardot as your email provider.
  4. Adjust the thumbnail image size and choose the URL where you want people to watch the video. It can be the video’s page in your Wistia account, or anywhere you have it embedded.
  5. Copy the Email Merge Tag from Wistia and paste it into your email in Pardot.
  6. Profit!

Fun fact: When people receive your email and click through to watch the video, their email addresses will automatically pass through to the Wistia stats.

Learn more about video+email marketing with Wistia.


Having trouble? Shoot! Let’s troubleshoot. Here are some common issues, and how to fix them:

My Wistia video views aren’t tracking in Pardot

First things first, it’s important to know that only videos embedded on your website will show activity in your Pardot account. When a person watches a video from the video’s page in your Wistia account, that activity will not appear in Pardot.

If the video is embedded on your website but it’s still not showing activity in Pardot, make sure that you have Pardot’s tracking code on the page, and that your Wistia embed code has the wistia_embed class (as it should by default).

Can’t connect Pardot account in Wistia

Followed the steps in this section but you’re getting an error message? Check to see if you have Pardot’s IP Location Activation option enabled. If you do, you’ll need to disable that in order to use the integration.

Your problem isn’t covered there 👆 ?

If you’re still having trouble, our Customer Happiness team is here to help: Contact Us.