Editing in Wistia

Make edits to your videos directly in your Wistia account.

Need to make easy edits to your videos? You’re in luck! Our Plus, Pro, Advanced, and Premium plans have access to editing right in Wistia! To get started, click “Edit” in the left-hand side menu of the All Content page, or directly from a video’s page in your account.

Worried about the length of your last webinar? No worries. We currently support editing and exporting videos up to four hours long!

If you start by clicking on “Edit,” you can select the video you’d like to edit.

From here, you can play through your video, trim out content, stitch together intros or outros, add transitions, and more.

We don’t currently offer the ability to edit Channel episodes, but stay tuned!

Splitting, Rearranging, and Deleting Content

Splitting a video allows you to break up your video into multiple clips, so that you can reach any part of the timeline to trim, rearrange or delete.

To split your video, drag the playhead right to the point in the video where you want to make edits and then click “Split.” From here, you can split your video up into as many clips as you’d like. You can delete individual clips by selecting and clicking “Delete.” Or, you can remove the beginning or end by clicking and dragging either end of a section to trim it.

Changed your mind or made a mistake? Click “Undo” until you feel better about your edits. If you go back too far, that’s okay! Click “Redo.”

Once you’ve split your video in clips, you can click on a desired clip and move it anywhere on the timeline: click on the clip, hold, and drag it anywhere you want.

Stitch Videos Together

Have a bumper waiting in the wings? You can add more videos to your timeline with stitching.

Upload a video into your Wistia Content Library, then you can pop that puppy in as a personalized intro, bumper, or any other clip to your editing timeline. To do that, click the + (plus button) floating above the timeline, choose your media, and apply! From here, you can continue adding videos, rearrange, trim, and adjust the audio and formatting.

As you’re editing, you’ll notice a properties panel to the right. That’s where you’ll find things like:

  • Clip Name: Differentiate clips by naming them
  • Volume Control: Make sure your audio levels are…level
  • And more to come!

Saving Your Edits

All done? Once you’ve finished making your edits, you can save them as a brand new video, or swap your current video out for the new, edited version.

Click on the “Save and Export Video” button on the top right of the page. From here, you can create a new Project to export your edited video to, or select from your current list of Projects. Then, click “Save as copy” to complete the export. You’ll notice that the title of the new version of your video has details about when you last edited it. Feel free to switch up that title based on what works best for your team.

Want to swap out your current video for the edited version in its place? Click on “Save & Replace” instead!

And that’s it! You’ve just edited a video in Wistia.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team and we’ll be happy to help!