• 360 Video in Wistia

    Learn all about the Wistia 360 video player. Upload, customize,and embed.

  • Add Chapters to Your Videos

    Adding chapters to your long or short-form content is super easy with Wistia's chapter feature.

  • Appearance

    Change the player color, disable comments, and control branding with Appearance.

  • Call to Action

    Direct your viewers to the next action you'd like them to take by using a Call to Action!

  • Captions

    Closed captioning makes content that’s easier for viewers to digest and read (even in different languages), and has awesome SEO benefits.

  • Choose Your Video's Thumbnail

    The thumbnail is what viewers see before they press play. Make sure it's just right!

  • Custom HTML CTA Examples

    Want to take your CTAs to the next level? Check out this guide for advanced HTML CTAs.

  • Customizing the Share Buttons

    A more advanced look at the Share Buttons in the Customize panel and how to configure them!

  • Customizing Your Video

    Drive more interaction and better engagement with your content using Wistia video customization features.

  • Lead Generation Tools

    Add one of our lead generation tools like Turnstile email collector, Calls to Action, and Annotation links.

  • Replacing Your Video

    Sometimes, it just takes too much effort to replace an embed code in the wild. Calling your developer doesn't always need to happen though, with Wistia's replace video tool!

  • Require Password

    Add a password to your videos!

  • Turnstile

    Turnstile makes it easy to add email capture to any video. Build a better email list with Wistia Turnstile.

  • Updating the Player Controls

    In the Customize panel you can control how your viewers experience the video. Autoplay your videos and change player controls!