• All About E-v1

    If you've used Wistia embeds, read our Help Center, or worked with our Champs, you might've heard the name "E-v1" or "E-v1.js". What is this mystery script, and why is it so important? Read on as we pull back the curtain on the Wistia JavaScript Library.

  • Appearance

    Change the player color, disable comments, and control branding with Appearance.

  • Call to Action

    Direct your viewers to the next action you'd like them to take by using a Call to Action!

  • Captions

    Closed captioning makes content that’s easier for viewers to digest and read (even in different languages), and has awesome SEO benefits.

  • Chapters in Your Videos

    Adding chapters to your long or short-form content is super easy with Wistia's chapter feature.

  • Choose Your Video's Thumbnail

    The thumbnail is what viewers see before they press play. Make sure it's just right!

  • Custom HTML CTA Examples

    Want to take your CTAs to the next level? Check out this guide for advanced HTML CTAs.

  • Customizing the Share Buttons

    A more advanced look at the Share Buttons in the Customize panel and how to configure them!

  • Customizing Your Video

    Drive more interaction and better engagement with your content using Wistia video customization features.

  • Lead Generation Tools

    Add one of our lead generation tools like Turnstile email collector, Calls to Action, and Annotation links.

  • Replacing Your Video

    Why replace an entire embed code when you can simply replace a video in Wistia? Wistia's replace tool has got you covered!

  • Require Password

    Add a password to your videos!

  • Turnstile

    Turnstile makes it easy to add email capture to any video. Build a better email list with Wistia Turnstile.

  • Updating the Player Controls

    In the Customize panel you can control how your viewers experience the video. Autoplay your videos and change player controls!

  • Wistia's 360 Video Player

    Learn all about the Wistia 360 video player. Upload, customize,and embed.