Soapbox for Teams

Rally your whole team of Soapbox creators under one roof.

The video recording power of Soapbox is now available natively in Wistia. Learn more.

Manage a team of Soapbox creators all in once place with the Soapbox for Teams plan. Set team-wide branding, track performance of everyone’s videos, and see content from multiple users in a single location. You’ll also have shared billing to make subscription management as simple as possible.

How to Upgrade

Whether you’re on a free or Solo plan with Soapbox, get in touch with our sales team to discuss seats and pricing for your custom Teams plan.

Adding Users to a Team

Once you have purchased Soapbox for Teams, the account page is where you can see the details of your subscription and invite folks to fill the seats you’ve purchased for your plan. If you’re the Owner, you’ll see the users on your account and any open seats you have left. Here’s what that view looks like:

If you’re a user on someone else’s Soapbox for Teams plan, you’ll see yourself and the Owner.

Team Branding

Team owners can a set default player color and logo from the account page. The default color can be overridden on an individual video, so any player color chosen from the Soapbox Customization will take priority on the final product.

The logo can only be configured from the account page at this time, and there can only be one logo per account. Any changes made to the logo will reflect across all Soapbox videos within the same team, including videos that have already been shared.

Team Performance

Within the performance section of the Soapbox activity page, Team Owners can see play rate, engagement, and conversion metrics for each user on the account. From the dropdown menu where your name and avatar appear, click any user’s name to see the performance of videos they’ve created.

Owners can also choose to toggle Team Privacy from the account page. Checking the box will disable Team Privacy, allowing all users to see team performance stats. Leave the box unchecked if you’d prefer to keep individual performance stats private.

Making Changes to your Plan

We’re still working out options for you to make changes to existing Soapbox subscriptions. In the meantime, send an email to, or use the Wistia contact form to reach out. We’ll be glad to find a plan adjustment that works for you! 🚀