Soapbox Subscriptions

Unlock downloads, custom branding, and stats with a paid Soapbox subscription

Upgrading to a paid Soapbox subscription grants the ability to download your Soapbox creations, customize the branding of your pages, and see detailed stats on your videos.

How to Upgrade

An individual user can sign up for Soapbox Solo at any time by going to the account page and choosing “Upgrade” under the Subscription section.

Looking for a multi-seat plan? Check out Soapbox for Teams.

For a plans comparison and up-to-date pricing details, check out the Soapbox pricing page.

Downloading Soapbox Videos

If you try to download a Soapbox video from within Wistia you will be directed back to Soapbox. Soapbox recordings can only be downloaded from within Soapbox.

Downloading your Soapbox videos is available on the Solo and Team Plans. From the Share page for accounts on these plans, users with a Soapbox Subscription will see an option to Create downloadable copy. Click this link and we’ll wrap your Soapbox creation in a neat little package.

This process can take a bit of time depending on your Soapbox recording settings and length of the video. Longer videos at higher framerates and resolutions take a bit longer to bake. When you’ve initiated a download of a Soapbox video, you can see the progress reflected within the Share page.

When complete, we’ll email you a link to download your video. The link will also show up within the Download section, so you can access it again whenever you like (without having to wait!).

Soapbox Activity & Performance

The Soapbox Activity page shows the stats on your videos and lets you know how viewers are engaging with your content. You can also enable realtime alerts when someone watches a Soapbox.

You can learn all about Soapbox Activity & Alerts on its page right here.

Customizable Branding

Proudly represent your brand and personalize your Soapbox pages with a default player color custom logo, name, title, and personal avatar. You can customize your branding from the account settings page.

Under the Customization section of the account page, you can choose a default color for your Soapbox recordings. This color can be overridden at the individual video level when customizing your Soapbox

Here you can also upload your custom logo in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. 580 x 114 px is the recommended size, and we suggest a transparent background so the logo will blend seamlessly into the page.


Personalization allows you to include your name, title, and your personal avatar for viewers to see below the video. You can update name & title from the account page, and the avatar will be pulled in from your connected email.

You can toggle the Personalization on or off at any time from this page, and these changes will reflect automatically across all of your Soapbox creations.

Soapbox for Teams

The Teams plan for Soapbox is a multi-seat subscription that comes with some specific tools for managing multiple creators on one account. Teams also includes all the features listed above. Learn more about Soapbox Teams on its very own page.

If you’re already chomping at the soapy bit to get your Team signed up, get in touch with us today!