• Account Troubleshooting

    Something in your Wistia account acting differently than you Expect? This doc is a great starting place for getting your issues sorted.

  • Embed Troubleshooting

    If you are running into issues getting a Wistia embed working properly, this doc serves as a good first step and includes many things to check and try that may alleviate your troubles.

  • Playback Troubleshooting

    Having trouble watching a video? Try some of these tips to correct playback issues.

  • Stats Troubleshooting

    Having some sort of issue with the Stats in your Wistia account? Here are some tips and tricks you can try to get back on track.

  • Upload Troubleshooting

    This doc provides a number of steps to try if you're having issues getting your videos uploaded to Wistia.

  • Video encoding troubleshooting

    If you uploaded your video and it doesn't seem quite right in Wistia, this doc provides instructions you can try to get things back in working order.