Stats Troubleshooting

Having some sort of issue with the Stats in your Wistia account? Here are some tips and tricks you can try to get back on track.

Something strange with your stats? Maybe your heatmaps aren’t showing up? We’ve got you covered.

Unable to see heatmaps!

So you’ve uploaded your video to Wistia, and you’re ready to watch it and start pulling in stats. But they don’t appear in your engagement graph, or the Viewer Stream!

This is because Wistia separates any logged in views (Account Owner, Manager, User) from audience views. If you’re logged into your Wistia account (and watching your video within your Wistia account) your views will be logged as Private User Sessions.

Private User Sessions

Heads up - this is different from IP Filtering. IP Filtering will ignore any views from designated IP addresses - these will not be logged as Private User Sessions.

Still can’t see your heatmaps? They should show up pretty immediately. First check out our status page (we’ll tell you if heatmaps are at all behind real time). If everything is good, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll get to the bottom of it!

Why are total plays and play rate plays different numbers?

Sometimes on your video stats page you’ll see a variation between Total Plays and the amount of people who played the video as calculated in Play Rate. Kind of like this:

Video Stats Page Example

This is because the first number is actually the total plays. The second number is individual plays. So you might have a few people who watched your video more than once without clearing their cookies or using a different browser.

So in the case of the above stats, two people watched that video twice on two separate visits.