Measuring Video Effectiveness
Brendan Schwartz , CTO, Wistia
About Brendan
At Wistia, Brendan relentlessly pursues simplicity in the product, technology, and design. He thinks a backend service should be less like a Swiss Army knife and more like, you know, a single knife that’s really, really good at the one job it has to do. Talk to him about self-driving cars, fly fishing, or bizarre hypothetical questions, and he'll get really riled up.
Talk Takeaway
In the final presentation of WistiaFest, Brendan explains the importance of measuring how your video efforts are impacting your business and shares some new data that Wistia is collecting to make this even easier. Among the data Brendan highlights is how Turnstile email collector conversion rates vary depending on the location of the email collector and how video engagement varies depending on both the device used and time of day. Finally, Brendan reveals some brand new data on new vs. returning viewers.
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