/ June 5 - 7, 2016 / Boston

Breakouts offered an opportunity to choose sessions aligned with each attendee's role. If you missed out or need a review, find all of the slides below!


Back by Popular Demand: Tips for Directing Non-Actors

Chris Lavigne, Wistia

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The Perfect Content Delivery System: A Sandwich Video Guide to Making Compelling Product Videos

Sabrina Skau, Sandwich Video

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Making Video for Boring Business

Matt Heder & Brenton Williamson, BambooHR

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3 Videos That You Should Make Next Week

Trevor Holmes, Wistia

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Low-Budget Setups and How to Use Them

Caleb Wojcik, DIY Video School

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360 Video Production: The Latest Tools and Techniques

Matt Sheils, 360Heros

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Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy: Where Should You Put Your Videos

Kevin Oxendine, Wistia

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Moving Leads Through the Marketing Funnel with Video

Ellie Mirman, Toast

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10 Ways Mere Mortals Used Video Marketing (and the Lessons we Learned Along the Way)

Thad Peterson & Chris Masterson, Buildium

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Social Video Marketing: Trends and Tips from the Trenches

Laura Fitton, HubSpot

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Video A/B Testing Deconstructed: What? How? Where? (with Real Data and Examples)

Andrew Capland, Wistia

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The Art of Selling with Video

Glenn Elliott, Reward Gateway

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Using Wistia

How to 3X Your Video Plays, Engagement, and Conversion Rates

Margot da Cunha, Wistia

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Beyond View Count: Demystifying Video Analytics

Mat Cronin & Meryl Ayres, Wistia

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Wistia Power Hour: Tips and Tricks

Jonah Silberg, Wistia

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Agency Welcome

Kristen Craft & Dee Dee de Kenessey, Wistia

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How to Do Video for Clients When Your Agency Doesn't Do Video

Chris Handy, Thinkhandy / Kathleen Booth, Quintain / Darren Halbig, Element Three / Jeff Kahsen, Animoto

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Videos That Drive Real Results: Success Stories from 3 Agencies

Eric Baum, Bluleadz / Ed Heil, StoryTeller / Lindsey Daku, Farotech

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