The Wistia Free Plan

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Pro Video Hosting

HD-capable video delivered anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Tools + Analytics

Customization tools and heatmaps to track your viewers' activity.

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Why a Free Plan?

We want everyone to experience the best, most powerful marketing tools and get the most out of their video content. Our hope is that this will make your business even more successful, and one day you'll upgrade to a paid plan when your audience grows and you need even more advanced features.

How is the Free Plan different from other plans?

The primary difference between our plans is the features which are offered. The Free Plan gives you professional video hosting and basic tools. The Small Business Plan has more advanced analytics and customization features. The Team Plan gives you the ability to collaborate with coworkers and clients. The Free Plan also uses our branded player, which says "Powered By Wistia" on a little tab that disappears when your cursor isn’t on top of the video. See more details on what features are included with each plan.

Will I ever have to pay?

The Free Plan will always be free. If you want access to more features or need extra bandwidth, you can move to one of our paid plans.

Are there any video limits on the Free Plan?

There is no limit on the of number of videos in your account, but your storage is limited to 10GB (at any point in time) and your bandwidth is capped at 50 GB per month.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?

When you're approaching the bandwidth limit for the month, we'll send you an email and give you a chance to move to a paid plan. You can also opt to stay on the Free Plan and not pay a dime, but we’ll have to turn off your videos for the rest of the month.