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Make a support video the Wistia way

Record your face & screen

Capture your screen to show users exactly what to do. Record your face to humanize your product. Our built-in teleprompter will help you nail your lines.

Polish it up with our editor

Fix mistakes, find your best takes, and stitch in clips with our easy-to-use editor. Then, up the production value with free intro-and-outro music.

Help users take that next step

Add annotation links and in-video CTAs that direct your viewers to related support articles, developer docs, and other resources.

Better support

Always relevant

Wistia’s analytics show you what content your viewers engage with most, so you can develop support materials that matter to your users.

Always accessible

With high-contrast colors, audio descriptions, and closed captions, videos made with Wistia are made to work for everyone.

3 ways to use video for customer support

Evergreen content

Instead of answering the same question again and again over email, make an FAQ video that’s relevant to your customers long after you record it.


With Wistia’s screen recorder, you can show users how to fix any hiccups right in your product’s UI. Translation? Tickets get resolved faster and customer satisfaction scores reach new highs.

Onboarding videos

Save time training employees and onboarding customers by recording videos they can watch on demand.

We think you’ll love Wistia. But, don’t take our word for it.

We’re a leader on G2

G2: Leader
Spring 2024
G2: Small Business Leader, Europe
Spring 2024
G2: Leader, Small Business
Spring 2024
G2: Leader, Mid-Market
Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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We’re a leader on G2

4.6 out of 5 stars

“Makes my job so easy!”

Wistia makes managing the video content for our SAAS help center really easy with features like project folders, video chaptering, in-video CTAs, and closed captioning. Plus, I can archive old content.
Rachelle A., Training and Documentation Specialist

“Wistia stepped up our video production”

Wistia gave us a robust video recording-and-sharing tool that helps us create professional-looking content for our customers. And the analytics beat the pants off of Zoom!
Martin W., Enablement Specialist

“Wistia makes it easy to share videos!”

Wistia has really helped our team streamline where we host our videos, share them with the broader team, and invite customers to view and engage with our content.
Kelly C., Product Marketing Manager

“Wistia is a great video platform for businesses”

I’ve been using Wistia for years. The video display customization, integrations with CMS tools, and quick customer service make it a no-brainer for companies that use video for marketing.
Joshua R., Digital Marketing Strategist

Ready to make a support video?

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I make a support video for free?

    Just sign up for a free account. You don’t need a credit card and there’s no downloading required. Simply grab a computer with a built-in webcam and get started.

  • Can support videos really enhance troubleshooting and docs pages?

    Absolutely! Support videos are great for visual and auditory learners. Plus, they’re better for breaking down complex tasks or issues than text-based articles. With video, users can see exactly what they need to click on or do to fix an issue, which reduces confusion and increases the likelihood of success. Support videos made with Wistia are also super accessible. We transcribe every video and offer closed captioning so anyone can watch and learn.

    One more thing — at Wistia, we’re all about humanizing Customer Support. Our screen-and-webcam recorder lets you capture your screen AND your face, which helps users feel like they’re connected to a person, rather than some corporate conglomerate.

  • How do I make a great support video?

    1. Clearly define your goal and make sure it addresses a common user problem or question.
    2. Keep the video’s length short and sweet.
    3. Invest in a good camera and mic for high-quality visuals and audio.
    4. Use screen recording to show users every step of the process.
    5. Polish it up. Wistia’s text-based editor transcribes your videos, so you can highlight and delete any gaffs in a jiffy.

    6. Make your video accessible with closed captioning and a transcript.
    7. Embed your video in your help center and post it on social media so everyone can find it.