Adding and Setting Up a New Podcast

How to set up a Podcast in Wistia.

At Wistia, podcasts live inside of Channels. Wistia Channels are powerful, feature-rich destinations for all your audio and video content. If you’d like to create a podcast, you can enable podcasting for your Wistia Channel, and upload both video and audio episodes there. In this article, we’ll focus on getting started with podcasting, but if you’re specifically interested in Channels, head over to our Help Center page on them to learn more about all of their different features.

Create a Podcast

To create a Channel with podcasting enabled, select Create from your Content Library page. On the following page, select Create a Channel.

Here, you can add a Title and Description (don’t worry, these can be updated later!).

Keep in mind that people will use your title and description to find and learn about your podcast - it’s worth taking some time to make sure they are interesting, unique, and descriptive before submitting your podcast to directories!

Podcast Checklist

Once you’ve set up your podcast, head on over to your Podcast Settings. Here, you’ll find a checklist with everything to complete in order to get your podcast set up and distributed to directories.

The checklist includes:

  1. Complete your Channel Details.
  2. Set up your podcast feed under Feed Details.
  3. Add your first episode.
  4. Publish your first episode.
  5. Distribute your podcast to directories.

When you complete a step, you’ll see a checkmark to let you know it’s all set.

The next step on the list will have a button that takes you to the page where that step can be completed.

Once you’ve completed all of the steps for the podcast checklist, we’ll let you know your podcast is ready, and you’ll be good to go!

Podcast Feed Details

Your podcast feed can be found under the Feed Details tab of your Podcast Settings, and includes Show Art, Format, Categorization, Author Information, and Contact Information.

  • Show art: This will be the primary image that your subscribers use to identify your podcast. Upload a square image that’s at least 3000x3000 pixels.
  • Format: If it is important for your customers to start at your very first episode and listen through to the end, then choose Serial - your episodes will be ordered from oldest to newest. Otherwise, choose Episodic (if your podcast is split up by seasons, choose Episodic with seasons).
  • Categorization: Choose up to three categories for your podcast to appear in directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google.
  • Author Information: Add the author name and copyright year for your podcast.
  • Contact Information: Add the podcast owner’s name and email, choose your language, and be sure to mark whether or not your podcast includes explicit content.

Once you’re satisfied with the details for your podcast feed, click Submit Changes to save. If you’d like to make updates down the road, select Podcast Settings on your Channel page.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve filled out your podcast details, you’re ready to add episodes (if you haven’t already)! Head over to our page on Adding and Publishing Episodes to learn more.

If you’ve already added episodes and you’re ready to start submitting your podcast to directories, head over here to learn all about podcast distribution!

You’ll need your RSS feed in order to submit your podcast to directories. You can find this under the Distribute tab of your Podcast Settings!