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The 2014 Rap-Up

Our favorite moments, content, and updates from this year

Thanks for an incredible year! A wrap-up of 2014 in our customary rap video format, plus a timeline of the year's best moments, from new Wistians to community launches to educational guides to product updates.
December 30, 2014. Alyce.
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Non Sequitur Fridays

From One Catastrophe to the Next: Literature in Translation

A few years ago, I found myself stranded in Oklahoma reading W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn. As I crawled into its labyrinths of fiction, history, and memoir, Sebald's nearly baroque...

January 30, 2015. Olivier.

Casual Content Marketing: IMImpact’s Weekly Video Series

Shane Melaugh, an entrepreneur and the owner of IMImpact.com, produces a low-pressure video series that offers practical advice for creating and growing an online business. Each episode incorporates...

January 27, 2015. Meryl.

New Wistia Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Video Viewing

Sometimes, hovering over a video to see the controls and reading through choices to find the right one doesn't offer quite the same satisfaction as pressing a button to do exactly what you want....

January 26, 2015. Beth.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Finding Your Local Watering Hole

About a year after I’d moved to Somerville, I’d decided it was time to find a place to go watch my beloved LA Kings play that wasn’t on my own couch in my PJs. That search quickly led me to Parlor...

January 23, 2015. Jordan.

Increasing Transparency on the Wistia Status Page

Have you visited the new Wistia Status Page that we implemented in November? The status page is the best place to find the latest updates and alerts on the health of our systems. Noticing a delay in...

January 21, 2015. James.

How ansarada Uses Personas to Anchor Their Video Marketing

When producing any type of content, it's always important to consider your audience. But what if your audience includes disparate groups of people with different wants and needs? For some businesses,...

January 20, 2015. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Scaling Culture with Feedback

We didn't implement a formal feedback process until we were about 20 people. Formal feedback seemed like this horrible thing big companies did, which took a ton of time and slowed them down. I always...

January 16, 2015. Chris S..

How to Remove Black Bars from Your Video

Ugly black bars appear on videos, both on TV and on the web, when the aspect ratios of your video and the housing it lives in don't match. To eliminate the black bars around your video, you need to...

January 15, 2015. Ezra.

Extracting Thumbnails Faster with FFmpeg

Taking advantage of HTTP protocol support in libavformat

One handy feature of Wistia is the ability to easily set a video's thumbnail (or still or poster, if you prefer) to an exact frame. You open up the Customize panel, seek to the frame you want in the...

January 12, 2015. Brendan.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Finding Your Thing, One Day at a Time

It was my senior year in college, and I was taking a creative writing course. The professor opened up the first day of class with a bold statement: "I'll guarantee an 'A' to any student who does...

January 9, 2015. Kristen.