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In November 2013, Marcelino Raygoza combined his passions for traditional Mexican cooking and e-commerce and launched the Mexican Cooking Network. On this website, viewers can watch recipe videos and purchase the products that are featured. Marc's dynamic platform serves up supplementary text and links alongside the videos as they play.
August 14, 2014. Meryl.
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Non Sequitur Fridays

I Love Tractors

I love tractors. It's all because of my dad, really. His affinity for all things Caterpillar and Deere rubbed off on me at an early age. For as long as I can remember, we'd be driving in a car and from...

August 29, 2014. Chris L..

#videowkd: The Weekend Video Project

I don't have a great memory. That's really where this all started. It's not *terrible*, but I have a tendency to blink and realize it's already the next season, without appreciating distinct moments...

August 28, 2014. Elise.

Wistia's Fall 2014 Conference Roundup

Wistia is planning to do a lot of traveling, learning, and teaching over the next three months. There are some great conferences and events taking place this fall, and we're excited to share some of our...

August 27, 2014. Kristen.
Non Sequitur Fridays

My First "Real" Video

In my fourth Non Sequitur post since joining the Wistia ranks, I feel as though I'm due for a change. In my 20 or so months as a Wistia employee, I've only made two videos (both of which were for the...

August 22, 2014. Jordan.

Using a Balance of Logic and Emotion to Influence Viewers

Video, as a medium, is extremely effective at both evoking emotion and presenting logical arguments. The most effective videos harness and combine both of these powers to grab viewers' attention and...

August 19, 2014. Jon.
Non Sequitur Fridays

This Much I Know Is True

I'm twenty six. Well, almost twenty-six and a half. Twenty six isn't that novel, besides being the age where you are smack dab between your college years (which you can now recount with appropriate...

August 15, 2014. Laura.

Welcome New Engineer Ryan to Wistia!

We're super excited to welcome engineer Ryan Artecona to Wistia! This native Texan is joining us in Cambridge after spending a year working in California, and he's so good he even managed to build a...

August 12, 2014. Alyce.

Five Video Production Lessons from the Craft Coffee Movement

Just up the road from the Explainify offices is a café called Onyx. Onyx is a coffee lover's fantasy. As part of the craft goods movement, Onyx focuses on making the highest quality items ethically,...

August 11, 2014. Eric.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Meredith's Guide to Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain, or "JP", is one of Boston's 23 neighborhoods, located just about 5 miles from downtown, right off the Orange Line. I have lived in JP for the last 6 years, and I love it for many reasons,...

August 8, 2014. Meredith.

Introducing Whitney: Beautiful, Friendly, and Readable

If you're a regular visitor or just particularly eagle-eyed when it comes to typography, you might notice that this website is looking a little sharper. What's the change? We've started to implement a...

August 7, 2014. Joe.