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This week, Wistia will be saluting the GoPro camera. Through the lens of a GoPro, you can see your business from a whole new perspective. These small cameras offer an awesome (and easy) way to capture company culture, but they also can be great for showing off a physical product or your service. We've found all sorts of businesses that have discovered interesting...
November 17, 2014. Chris L..
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Non Sequitur Fridays

The SouthCoast: Massachusetts' Diamond in the Rough

An area rich in history, culture, and some of the most beautiful scenery Massachusetts has to offer; here are some things you can't miss when visiting the SouthCoast.

November 21, 2014. Mat.

The GoPro Boldly Goes

The GoPro is waterproof, pretty durable, and inexpensive enough that you can gamble its fate. Sometimes, risking it all results in an awesome shot. Our friends at Mixer Direct take advantage of the...

November 21, 2014. Chris L..

Embracing the GoPro's Wide Lens

This week, we're saluting the tiny action camera that changed the way humans think about video. The GoPro has allowed people to capture scenes that have never been captured before. That has a lot to do...

November 20, 2014. Chris L..

Mount That GoPro Up

The GoPro's biggest advantage is its size. It's so light and tiny that you can mount it just about anywhere with minimal setup. We decided to pay homage to some of our favorite GoPro mounts the best way...

November 19, 2014. Chris L..

Shooting a GoPro Timelapse

By now, you've probably seen your fair share of timelapse videos: cityscapes, epic nature scenes, construction sites. Manipulating time in this fashion is almost always fun to watch, and applying this...

November 18, 2014. Chris L..
Non Sequitur Fridays

The Best Hot Chocolate in Boston

If you're like me, you're only willing to get all bundled up if there's a cozy destination in mind. And what's more cozy than a mug of hot chocolate? It turns out, there's a great variety of hot...

November 14, 2014. Sarah-Mei.

The Dangers of Data-Driven Marketing

I believe marketing should be data-informed, rather than data-driven. Instead of focusing on data alone, data-informed marketing considers data as just one factor in making decisions. We then combine...

November 13, 2014. Ezra.

IFrames and Preloading, Oh My!

Okay, so here's our problem. Wistia's lovely users can put as many videos as they want on a page. Often, these videos are hidden in tabs or launched in pop-ups, but they all exist on the page when it...

November 12, 2014. Max S..

5 Common Thumbnail Mistakes (and How You Can Fix Them)

Thumbnails. Oftentimes, they're the last step on your business video journey. We've all been there. You're at the end of your rope, the sun's going down, and that leftover rice pilaf is calling your...

November 11, 2014. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays

The Best Friend Who Pees on Your Floor

My fiancée, Philomena, and I adopted a dog this summer. We knew owning a dog would be A Lot of Responsibility, but of course we were ready to take that on because we grew up with dogs which is basically...

November 7, 2014. Ryan.