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Today, I'm proud to announce that we have taken a major step to make video more accessible to all businesses. Introducing the new and improved Wistia Free Plan! We believe that video is the best and most scalable tool to help any business bring humanity to their online presence. Here at Wistia, we found that the only way to improve our video skills and develop a...
October 21, 2014. Chris S..
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Non Sequitur Fridays

The Season I've Waited For All Year

What makes fall so great? Is it that unique smell on that first crisp morning? Is it the first frost on the grass with kids running through it? The pumpkin picking and apple cider doughnuts? I’m drawn...

October 24, 2014. Casey.

Selling an Experience with Video at Orange Torpedo Trips

Selling an experience with video can be a challenge: you don't have a physical product to film, and you want to pique your audience's interest without giving away the entire adventure. Determining what...

October 23, 2014. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays


Pause. Take a deep breath. What is happening right now? Do you hear cars honking outside, or co-workers chatting? Maybe the soft clicking of keyboards, or a rumbling HVAC unit? What do you notice? What...

October 17, 2014. Jonathan.

7 GoPro Lessons I Learned from Pretending to Be a Videographer for a Week

Why not bring my GoPro and my iPhone and tell everyone at the wedding that I'm the videographer? This little "fake it till you make it" experiment taught me a few things I'd love to share about shooting...

October 16, 2014. Dan.

ModCloth: Creating a Community of Satisfied Customers with Product Videos

Many online stores rely on photographs and descriptions to tell the stories of different items, and in some cases, these methods are sufficient. For products like clothes, however, that must fit, feel,...

October 15, 2014. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Sycamore Trees and Other Horrifying Things: A Twin Peaks Primer

Monday of this week, the internet exploded in rapture: after twenty-five long years, Mark Frost and David Lynch announced to the world that their beloved, ever-mystifying cult classic, *Twin Peaks*,...

October 10, 2014. Olivier.

Improved Processing Speeds in Wistia

We're proud to announce that Wistia video processing speeds just got faster! 2 to 3 times faster, to be exact. That means that you'll spend less time waiting and more time customizing, embedding, and...

October 9, 2014. Ben.

Welcome Customer Champion Mat to Wistia!

We're super excited to welcome Mat Cronin to Wistia, where he'll be working as a customer champion! Hailing originally from New Bedford, MA, Mat loves music, sports, whiskey, Magic Hat, and Civil War...

October 8, 2014. Alyce.

Building a Mobile Web Experience with Rails and Backbone.js

As you may have already heard, we recently finished building our new mobile site! I'm here to talk a bit about how we built it and why we did the things we did. We knew that we wanted to take an...

October 7, 2014. Mary.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Frozen Foods, Homemade Edition

Though frozen supermarket meals are generally bland and not very healthy, they're popular and a big market, and for understandable reasons: they're convenient, they're cheap, and health issues aside,...

October 3, 2014. Robby.