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Because Wistia is primarily a business video platform, people spend most of their time using our web app on desktop computers, and consequently, we've spent most of our time focusing on perfecting that experience. Recently, though, we're all spending more time on the go, and smartphone technology (from camera quality to availability of video-related apps) has...
September 16, 2014. Alyce.
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Non Sequitur Fridays

Pinball Obsession

My family got our first pinball machine when I was about 3 years old. It was an old electro-mechanical machine called Wizard! from 1975. From the moment it entered our house, I was absolutely hooked. I...

September 19, 2014. Ben.

Yale Appliance and Lighting's Two-Pronged Approach to Video Production

To produce your own videos or to hire the pros, that is the question. Most companies arrive at this fork in the road when embarking on their video marketing journeys. There are valid arguments for each...

September 17, 2014. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Please Excuse My Tardiness...

Dear Early-Riser, Please excuse my tardiness to our 10 AM meeting. I know you were up at the crack of dawn, lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, and whatever else one does before the ungodly hour...

September 12, 2014. Liat.

Designing a More Delightful Wistia Account Dashboard

If you've been updating your Wistia settings in the Account Dashboard lately, you might have noticed it got a little facelift. Well, it's been a while in the making. When I joined the Wistia design...

September 11, 2014. Danielle.

Shooting Stable Handheld Video Footage

Going handheld can be an effective way of shooting video, but shaky footage can leave your viewers feeling seasick. Although feeling like you're ready to throw up worked for the Blair Witch audience, it...

September 8, 2014. Meryl.
Non Sequitur Fridays

Why Everyone Should Drop What They're Doing and Visit Rhode Island

Do you love sandy beaches? Do you love AAA sports teams? Do you love cold pizza that has no cheese on it? Then look no further, because Rhode Island has it all! I am proud to say that I was Rhody-born...

September 5, 2014. Dan.
Non Sequitur Fridays

I Love Tractors

I love tractors. It's all because of my dad, really. His affinity for all things Caterpillar and Deere rubbed off on me at an early age. For as long as I can remember, we'd be driving in a car and from...

August 29, 2014. Chris L..

#videowkd: The Weekend Video Project

I don't have a great memory. That's really where this all started. It's not *terrible*, but I have a tendency to blink and realize it's already the next season, without appreciating distinct moments...

August 28, 2014. Elise.

Wistia's Fall 2014 Conference Roundup

Wistia is planning to do a lot of traveling, learning, and teaching over the next three months. There are some great conferences and events taking place this fall, and we're excited to share some of our...

August 27, 2014. Kristen.
Non Sequitur Fridays

My First "Real" Video

In my fourth Non Sequitur post since joining the Wistia ranks, I feel as though I'm due for a change. In my 20 or so months as a Wistia employee, I've only made two videos (both of which were for the...

August 22, 2014. Jordan.