Video marketing tools to fit your business

Plans for any experience level, each with additional features. Upgrade at any time.


$0 / month

Start off with professional hosting and our basic video marketing tools

Small Business

$25 / month

Grow and track your audience with a full set of tools and analytics


$100 / month

Invite your whole team for improved data visibility and planning

High Volume


A scalable platform for businesses with very large audiences

The Free Plan includes...

  • Global Video Delivery

    HD-capable video delivered anywhere in the world, on any device.

  • Easy Embedding & Sharing

    Simple functionality for posting videos to your website or social media.

  • Wistia Branded Player

    All videos have the "Powered by Wistia" banner (see an example).

  • Basic Analytics

    Video heatmaps show you how viewers are watching your videos. Trend graphs help you measure your views over time.

  • Room For 50 Videos

    No storage limits. Upload 50 stunning videos to your free account.

The Small Business Plan includes everything from the Free Plan and...

  • Video Engagement Graphs

    Identify trends of high engagement or heavy drop-off for each of your videos using viewing data from across your audience.

  • Lead Generation Tools

    Add clickable calls to action and email collection forms to your videos, no coding required.

  • Video SEO

    Drive traffic and boost search result rankings with tools to help search engines find your video content.

  • Connect Wistia With Your Email Provider

    Add great looking thumbnails to your email campaigns to improve click-through rates, and track video viewing activity of your email list.

  • Viewer History Tracking

    Track individual viewing history to identify the most engaged prospects in your audience.

  • Unlimited videos

    There are no limits on the number or length of your videos.

The Team Plan includes everything from the Small Business Plan and...

  • Collaborate With Your Team

    Wistia works great with teams of any size. Share videos and analytics with the rest of your team (or clients), and collect their feedback with comments.

  • Share Internal or Private Videos

    Give specific people permission to view your videos and track their activity inside of Wistia.

  • Integrate With Services You Already Use

    Send video data from Wistia directly into your favorite marketing automation software to see how your videos are contributing to your overall marketing strategy. Check out the work we did with Hubspot.

  • Unlimited Videos

    There are no limits on the number or length of your videos.

Includes all Wistia features, with enough capacity for the largest publishers

  • Bandwidth Discounts

    Bandwidth prices drop with volume - as low as $0.06 per-GB.

  • Multiple Top Tier CDNs

    Videos served by multiple top-tier CDNs with hundreds of globally distributed nodes.

  • Clear, Up-Front Pricing

    Flat per GB pricing based on your bandwidth usage. Learn more.

  • Proven Infrastructure

    Wistia currently delivers hundreds of TB of videos daily. We can definitely handle more.

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How is the Free Plan different from other plans?

The primary difference between our plans is the features they include. The Free Plan gives you professional video hosting and basic tools. The Small Business Plan provides more advanced analytics and customization features. The Team Plan gives you the ability to collaborate with coworkers and clients. The Free Plan also uses our branded player, which says "Powered By Wistia" on a little tab that disappears when your cursor isn’t on top of the video. See more details on what features are included with each plan.

Are there any limits to the number of videos I can have?

The Free Plan is limited to 50 videos. The paid plans have no limits!

What about bandwidth limits?

We track the amount of bandwidth your account uses each month (see more on how we measure bandwidth). Each plan comes with a preset amount of bandwidth - for all plans it's at least 200 GB per month, with our high volume plans having more. If you need help calculating your expected usage, try our bandwidth predictor.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?

We'll let you know in advance when you're on pace to exceed your preset bandwidth limits. If you do exceed your bandwidth limits and you're on a paid plan, your videos will continue streaming and you'll be billed for any extra bandwidth at a flat rate ($0.33 per GB).

For folks on the Free Plan, you will have the option to upgrade to a paid plan to keep your videos up and running, or if you'd rather continue on the Free Plan, we can turn your videos off for the rest of the month.

The High Volume Plans include bandwidth discounts starting at the 1TB per month usage level.