Compare Media

Compare the analytics of any media in your account.

Available for Pro, Advanced, and Premium customers, with Compare Media (in beta), you can create a curated list to compare the analytics of any media in your account that you’d like.

How it works

To access Compare Media, you can select it from the Analytics dropdown menu, head to the Analytics page within your account and click into “Compare Media” in the left hand side menu, or click to “Compare to Other Media” on a media’s Analytic’s page.

Once on the Compare Media page, click “Add media” to start selecting which media in your account you’d like to compare.

You can select media (video or audio) from any folder or Channel in your account.

Once you’ve selected your desired media and added them to the page, a table will populate showing an overview of their performance. This includes:

  • Plays
  • Play Rate
  • Time Played
  • Unique Visitors
  • Engagement
  • Conversion Rate

You can filter this table by a specific date range, add or remove any media, and export the content.

The date range defaults to the last 7 days. To change the date range, click “Last 7 days” and a calendar will appear where you can select your desired timeframe.

To remove a media, click the “x” icon within the media row you would like to remove.

To export the table, click “Export” and then “Export” again on the modal confirming the date range and the email we’ll send the report to.

Questions? Reach out to our Support Team. We’re happy to help!