Wistia brand assets and guidelines

Thanks for your interest in Wistia! We have a couple of guidelines for using our brand assets. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them before use.

The Wistia Logo

Here it is! The Wistia logo, in all its glory—and by glory, we mean in EPS and PNG file formats.

Wistia Logo

Wistia Brand Colors

While we use a lot of delightful colors, our primary color is Brand Blue (#2949E5). When you think of us, we hope you’ll befriend it, too!


Wistia Usage Guidelines

We’re a pretty laid-back crowd. But, when it comes to our logo, we ask that you please:

  • Always use the flags and logotype together, or just the flags. Don’t use the logotype on its own.
  • Give the logo some space—don’t clutter it with other text or graphics.
  • Use the black or white logo when overlaying on other images or colored backgrounds.
  • Don’t use colors in the logo that aren’t included in our brand colors (see above).
That’s it! Thanks for following these rules. We appreciate it—and you!