Earn 20% of the first year revenue for all customers you refer

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Get paid when we do

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Share your referral link

Sign up as a partner (it’s free!) and you’ll get a unique URL to invite others to try Wistia free for 14-days.

Piggy bank

Get paid your share

Once your referrals pay for their account, you earn a 20% cut of every transaction for the first year they’re a Wistia customer.

Are you a great partner fit?

Everyone is welcome to sign up, but here are the types of partners who typically make the most moolah.


You’re a marketer

This is a partner program designed by marketers—for marketers and marketing agencies. Show off your industry expertise by referring clients and fellow marketers to Wistia.


You attract marketers

Wistia is a video marketing platform made for marketers. If you have a blog or strong social media game that attracts a marketing audience, you will generate a lot of referrals.


You love Wistia

Spread the word about how you use Wistia to grow your business. Our biggest fans become the most profitable partners.

How much you could earn for each referral

Wistia pays you 20% of the first year revenue from all paid accounts created via your referral links. Passive income is just the best.

Refer a Plus customer

Every Plus plan you refer, you’ll earn up to $58

Refer a Pro customer

Every Pro plan you refer, you’ll earn up to $238

Refer an Advanced customer

Every Advanced plan you refer, you’ll earn up to $958

Become a Wistia partner

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I join the Wistia partner program?

    Just provide a few details at sign up and you’ll receive a confirmation email that your partnership is pending. We then review your submission and if it’s the right fit, you’ll receive another email with onboarding details. In it, you’ll get access to our referral dashboard as well as your very own custom referral link you can start sharing right away.

  • How do the payouts work?

    You can expect to receive payments by the 15th of each month.

    Example payout schedule

    • March 1st - March 31st: Partner earns rewards
    • April 1st: Partner reward invoice sent to Wistia for review
    • April 1st - April 7th: Wistia reviews the invoice
    • April 8th: Partner reward invoice is charged
    • April 8th-12th: Funds are processed over a 5-day period
    • April 13th: Rewards are available for partners to withdraw

  • How are my referrals tracked?

    We use cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. They have to sign up for a paid subscription within those 90 days for you to receive recurring revenue. If they click on your custom link again, the 90 days restarts.

  • What if a user signs up for an annual plan?

    Annual Plans are qualified for 20% partner commission. You will receive one-time payment for any subscription to the annual plan.

  • What if a user changes plans?

    • If users downgrade from a paid plan to freemium accounts, you will stop receiving commission after the downgrade event.
    • If users upgrade or downgrade from one paid plan to another paid plan, we will adjust your commission for the remainder of the year according to the new plan cost .

  • Are there any disallowed traffic sources?

    • No motivated traffic is allowed (users incentivized to create an account)
    • No PPC bidding on Wistia and Soapbox branded terms in any search engine
    • All email users must be double opted-in in your email marketing program

  • What is PartnerStack?

    Partnerstack is the platform we use to run Wistia’s Partner program. You can use your Partnerstack portal to see who you referred to Wistia and how much revenue you have accumulated.

  • Have more questions?

    Please reach out to partners@wistia.com.