The Last Video Embed You’ll Need: Replaceable Video

May 17, 2011

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Ben Ruedlinger


Replaceable video has been updated! Go to the new blog post to learn more.

Maybe you have a video on your home page that you would like to change out once a month.

Maybe you want to test one version of a video against another. Or, maybe someone just plain screwed up and you need to change the recently posted video that contained an expletive that someone missed in the review process. In all of these cases, it would be nice to be able change out the embedded video without making any changes to your website.

To solve this problem, we’re happy to announce the addition of replaceable videos. Replaceable videos allow you to embed once on your website and then change the video that is displayed in that embed at any point by just dragging and dropping videos in your Wistia account.

In addition, when you use a replaceable video, you’ll still be able to see the video stats for all the previous videos that have been displayed in the embed. It’s like having a built-in history of your video embed!

To see instructions on how to create replaceable videos check out our documentation on this feature here. Or jump right to the Replaceable Video tool.

Ben Ruedlinger


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