So you’ve made an amazing media, uploaded it, customized it just the way you want it, and embedded it on your website. Time to “set it and forget it,” right? Of course not! We know you need all the details about how your content is performing: individually, against one another, and over time.

Here, you can learn about all of the different levels of stats you have available to you in your Wistia account, from high-level account-wide trends down to individual medias and even individual viewers.

But that’s not all. You’re also able to export various levels of stats so that you can sort and filter the data in your preferred spreadsheet program, and test pairs of videos against one another using our A/B testing tool. In short, if it’s a way to measure the performance of your content, you can learn about it here!

Of course, “performance” means different things to different people - for your business, the engagement rate may be paramount to a media’s success, while someone else may be primarily concerned with the play rate (or you may want to focus on different metrics for different types of medias - we do!). There are as many ways to use Wistia’s analytics as there are videos and podcasts, and if you need help determining which metrics to focus on for your specific needs, we’ve got tons of data-backed articles on analytics in our Learning Center - or just drop us a line!