Exporting Stats

Wistia allows you to export your viewer stats to a CSV. Check out all of the data you can see in the exporting stats page.

Export stats for better data mining. Everyone loves mining. ⛏

While we work hard on making our analytics interface powerful yet easy-to-use, it can sometimes be necessary to export your stats data for further analysis.

There are three places you can export stats. The trends page, the video stats page, and the audience page.

Exporting Video Stats

If you want the low-down on an individual video’s stats, head to the stats page for that video (it has a link like http://<account>.wistia.com/stats/medias/<id>).

At the bottom of the page (past all of your heatmaps), you’ll see a button to Export Stats to CSV.

Click on the link and a dialog box will appear. Get your filters right (date range, if needed), and then select the Export button.

In the CSV file, each line represents one view of the video. The data provided includes:

  • Date
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • Region (State)
  • City
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Organization
  • Email (if passed through)
  • Name
  • Percent of Video Viewed
  • URL where the view happened
  • Links Clicked (Annotation or CTA)
  • Browser (and version)
  • Platform (Mac, Windows, etc)
  • Device

You can also filter these stats to a specific date range.

The CSV file with stats and emails and actions data can be spliced and manipulated in Excel, or even imported into Marketing Automation software like MailChimp.

This data will emailed to you as a CSV file.

Exporting Audience Stats

You can also export your audience stats from the Audience page. Navigate to the audience page in your account by selecting Stats > Audience or just click this handy link.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see a button to export those stats as a CSV.

You’ll be able to export both identified leads, or your entire audience. You can differentiate by selected the different tabs from the top view on the Audience page.

Both sets of data will include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Org (usually this is their internet provider)
  • Location
  • Last view (time)
  • Total plays
  • Employment Organization (if available)
  • Employment Title (if available)
  • Tagline (if available)
  • Gender (if available)
  • Twitter Handle (if available)
  • LinkedIn Handle (if available)
  • Facebook Handle (if available)

This data will emailed to you as a (you guessed it) CSV file.

Once the data is in your hands it can be mined and explored to your heart’s content. Three cheers for data mining! 👷


If you’ve exported your stats, but haven’t received them in your email inbox yet, they may be getting caught in a spam filter. You’ll want to be sure to add alerts@wistia.com to your approved sender’s list. Alternatively, you can also approve emails from us with our domain - wistia.com.

Still not receiving your stats export? Let us know! We’re happy to help :)