Building Your Audience


Are you looking to build your audience and keep them updated and engaged with new content? Maybe you’re looking to expand your reach and increase engagement? Well, you’ve come to the right place! These articles are here to help you connect with and build your audience through a number of different platforms and tools.

Now, if you’re here, generating leads from your content is probably pretty important to you. With Channels, you can collect subscribers and notify them when you publish new content so they’re always up to date!

Maybe you’re not using Channels but you still want to collect leads and drive your viewers to important content. No problem at all - our Lead Generation Tools allow you to collect email address at any point in your videos, provide you with a simple way to ask your viewers to take action, and give your audience links to more information without interrupting their viewing experience at all. These include Turnstile, Call to Action, and Annotation Links. If you’re looking to add any of these to your video, head on over to the Customize menu and get crafting, or check out the Lead Generation Tools page!

You’ll definitely want to check out Reach & Retarget for Facebook and Google. With Reach & Retarget, you can connect your Facebook and/or Google Ad accounts to Wistia. These both allow you to send Wistia viewing data to Facebook and Google. As a result, you can reach new audiences and retarget existing ones using one of our pre-made audiences.

And, if you’re thinking “what about SEO?” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With the Standard Embed Code, we automatically inject the JSON-LD file into the head of your website and tell search engines everything they need to know. Head on over to our SEO page to learn more.