You took the time to create and upload your own video or audio episode, now let’s add the cherry on top to make it truly unique by customizing it the way you want. On your media’s page, within the Customize menu, you’ll have the ability to change its appearance by selecting your player color, adding your own logo, choosing a thumbnail, and adjusting all of your controls. Did we mention you can use customizations to improve engagement as well?

Here you’ll be able to adjust the look and feel of your media to match your own brand. You can choose to customize your media to show all of its player controls, or if preferred, you can hide them all. Got a cool idea for a thumbnail? Great news! You can select a still frame from your video or upload your own image to use for your video or podcast. You can even make it a moving video-thumbnail by selecting a snippet of time from your video.

The best part of customizations is having the option to interact with your viewers. Want to make a longer informational media easier to access? Add customizations like chapters to mark important sections and allow your viewers to find exactly what they’re looking for. And last but certainly not least, add captions and audio descriptions to your media to provide accessibility benefits for every user of the web. Videos have a whole set of tools for engaging your audience and inspiring them to take action. You’ll be able to add overlays such as Annotation Links, Calls-to-Action, Turnstile, and more! All of these tools can be used to improve how your audience engages with your media.

Customizing an audio episode? Head over here to get all the details!