Chapters in Your Video

Adding chapters to your long or short-form content is super easy with Wistia's chapter feature.

The information here specifically refers to customizing video medias. If you’re working with audio medias and want to add chapters, check out this page!

Let your viewers know what’s coming up next with Chapters. Break your video into titled sections with a table of contents to make videos super easy to navigate. Chapters are also a great way to enhance the reference value of videos, allowing viewers to click into a specific Chapter to find just what they’re looking for.

Chapter Video Example

This video has a bunch of chapters. Feel free to check them out!

Clicking the Chapters icon on the player allows your viewers to see a full index of chapters available to view. Clicking on any of the chapters from the index (or as indicated with the small dots on the play bar) will take them to that point in the video.

Adding Chapters

If you’d like to add Chapters to your Wistia video you’ll first want to navigate to the video in your account. Once there, select Customize.

From there you’ll want to open the Chapters area. This will turn chapters on for your video. Add the chapters you’d like to your video, by clicking the + Add a chapter option.

The way that timestamps appear when adding Chapters is dependent on the length of your video.

If your video is under one minute, the timestamps will be 00.0 which is seconds.milliseconds.

For a video over one minute, the timestamps that show are 00:00.0 which is minutes:seconds.milliseconds.

Lastly, if your video is over an hour, you’ll see 0:00:00.0 which is hours:minutes:seconds.milliseconds.

Adjust the timestamp if you need to, and don’t forget to name your chapters too! The title will appear in the chapter index on the video, as well as over the playbar when a viewer hovers over the dot indicator.

Click the Save button at the top of the menu and you’re good to go. 📚

The max character allowance for chapter titles is 50 characters. You might need to abbreviate your chapter titles, or simply reference the information below the video with text.

Chapters On Mobile and Tablets

With the advent of our newest player update, Tiny Vulcan, mobile viewers will see the same Wistia player - with the same features, includng Chapters - as your viewers on desktop computers. What do you need to do to switch this on? Absolutely nothing! It’s automatically enabled in your account, so your viewers can chapter-hop on the go.

Removing Chapters

To remove a chapter from you video you’ll want to navigate to the video within your Wistia account. First you’ll want to head into Customize.

Under the Chapters header, you’ll see all of the chapters on your video. If you hover your mouse over a chapter title, an X will appear beside it. To delete that chapter, click the X.

Save your settings, then you’re all done!

Next up, let’s add some captions!