Developer Docs

  • Asset URLs

    Working with direct file URLs for Wistia-hosted content

  • Async Embeds

    Async API embeds have a different syntax than traditional API embeds. It's the future!

  • Authenticating with OAuth2

    Learn how to link an OAuth2 application with your account, then use it to act on behalf of your users.

  • Channel Embeds

    Learn how to set Channel embed options and use the Channel API.

  • Construct a Wistia Embed Code

    Learn to programmatically construct an embed code starting with just the video ID!

  • Embed Code ID Tagging

    Pass an ID for each viewer to your stats through the player API using these simple steps!

  • Embed Links

    Learn how to use Embed Links to setup playlists, chaptering, “watch another video,” and “choose your own adventure”-style navigation without any JavaScript.

  • Embed Options and Plugins

    Learn more about the embed options and plugins available for your embedded videos.

  • Extracting Thumbnails from a Video

    Generate thumbnails at different times in a video using the Wistia API.

  • How to create a Wistia-friendly Content Security Policy (CSP)

    Learn how to make your Content Security Policy play nicely with Wistia-hosted videos!

  • iFrame Embed Options

    Learn how to use deeply nested options in your iframe embeds.

  • JavaScript Player API

    The Wistia player has a built-in JavaScript API, providing you with a variety of ways to create awesome functions and interact with the player.

  • Launching a Channel Popover from a Call to Action

    Learn how to launch a Channel popover directly from a Call to Action in your video.

  • Player Controls Framework

    You can add custom buttons, dialogs, and other behavior to the Wistia player.

  • Player Privacy Mode

    Enable or disable Privacy Mode for individual visitors using the Player API

  • Plugin API

    Have some cool JavaScript that you want to use with a bunch of videos? The Plugin API lets you create a simple script package that works with any Wistia embed code.

  • Popover Embed Customization

    Customize your 'popover' embeds with these tips.

  • Stats API

    Learn how to access your stats via our API.

  • Updating Your Popover Embeds

    Here's how to keep your popover embeds up to date.

  • Uploader

    The Wistia Uploader is the best way to enable video uploading directly from within your application to Wistia.

  • V2 API Change Summary (08/17/2016)

    A detailed summary of changes being made to the V2 API

  • Webhooks

    Webhooks let you hook into events that happen throughout the Wistia platform.

  • Wistia and oEmbed

    oEmbed is a simple API to get information about embedded content on a URL. For Wistia, it's a great way to programmatically get embed codes for videos if you have their URLs.

  • Wistia Chooser

    The Wistia Chooser enables people to access their Wistia videos from outside of the Wistia app, and easily embed and share them.

  • Wistia Data API

    Learn how to enable Data API access for your account.

  • Wistia Playlist API

    Wistia Playlists have an API which give you access to its functionality and behavior!

  • Wistia Upload API

    A simple mechanism for getting your videos into Wistia.

  • Working With Images

    All the ways you can manipulate images returned by Wistia APIs.