Embedding and Sharing


Now that you’ve got your videos uploaded and ready to go, you can start sharing them with the world!

We’ve got you covered from playing your video right within your Wistia account, all the way to embedding it on your own website. The following articles will be your go-to’s for understanding the different types of ways you can share you videos and start collecting those amazing views.

Our embedding process is made to be as easy as possible. We start by offering you two main options for embed codes: inline embeds, and popover embeds. Both of these codes are ready to go from the start and can be copy and pasted into your website’s HTML builder or video widget. Got a website that doesn’t play well with the typical embed code or isn’t a fan of javascript? No problem, we even have a more resilient iframe fallback for you to try as well.

Want to share your video outside of embedding on a website? Well good news, we made sure you have plenty of sharable options that are just as quick and easy. You’ll have the ability to share your video’s publicly right from your Wistia video’s URL. Alternatively, if you want to only share your video with a select lucky audience, then we also provide you with privacy settings such as video passwords and locked projects. On top of all that, you’ll also have the option to share your video’s within your email provider, or on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. To learn more about sharing on social media, visit our Publish to Social and Social Sharing pages.