• Email Marketing and Wistia

    Learn how we integrate with some of the top email marketing platforms to make your campaigns even more powerful in no time.

  • Eventbrite and Wistia

    Add an Eventbrite event signup form to your videos!

  • Google Analytics Video Tracking

    Want to know how many visitors played a video, or how many watched until the end? Take your Google Analytics video tracking to the next level with Wistia.

  • MailChimp Goal and Wistia

    Trigger MailChimp Autoresponders based on video viewing behavior.

  • Reach & Retarget for Facebook

    Time to connect your Facebook Ad Account and Wistia - see Wistia data within Facebook and use that data to create custom audiences for ad targeting.

  • Reach & Retarget for Google

    The Reach & Retarget feature allows you to connect your Google Ad Account to Wistia. With Wistia stats in Google, you’ll have the power to “retarget” audiences based on video engagement.

  • Setting up the Wistia - HubSpot Integration

    Connect Wistia & HubSpot to supercharge your video marketing. With our powers combined... well, you won't be Captain Planet, but you'll be ready to get those sweet, sweet leads and video data into HubSpot for automation.

  • Setting up the Wistia - Marketo Integration

    Wistia and Marketo go together like Sherlock and Watson! Want to get in on the fun? Elementary -- here's our guide to getting the Wistia-Marketo integration working for you.

  • Setting up the Wistia - Pardot Integration

    How to use Wistia and Pardot together for super-powered video marketing

  • Squarespace and Wistia Integration

    Squarespace makes it easy to build a great looking website. Take your site to the next level by adding Wistia video via the Squarespace interface.

  • Using the Wistia - Hubspot v1 Integration (deprecated)

    See how Wistia's v1 integration with HubSpot works.

  • Using Wistia and Trello Together

    The Wistia Trello Power-Up | A Power-Up that makes Wistia and Trello the best of friends

  • Using Wistia and Zendesk Together

    Use Zendesk and Wistia together to build stronger customer relationships by adding video to your help content.

  • Wistia and Mailchimp

    Creating an email campaign with Wistia + Mailchimp couldn't be simpler with our easy-to-follow step by step guide including tracking and troubleshooting

  • Wistia Integrations

    Wistia plays well with lots of 3rd party services. See some of the best, and how to use them, in this article.

  • WordPress and Wistia

    WordPress is one of the most popular website builders out there, and we've got you covered on the tips and best practices for embedding Wistia videos on your site.

  • Zapier

    Zapier lets you connect Wistia and the apps you use everyday. Build a custom automation for your next video project!