• Email Marketing and Wistia

    Learn how we integrate with some of the top email marketing platforms to make your campaigns even more powerful in no time.

  • Eventbrite and Wistia

    Add an Eventbrite event signup form to your videos!

  • Google Analytics Video Tracking

    Want to know how many visitors played a video, or how many watched until the end? Take your Google Analytics video tracking to the next level with Wistia.

  • MailChimp Goal and Wistia

    Trigger MailChimp Autoresponders based on video viewing behavior.

  • Setting up the Wistia - Hubspot Integration

    HubSpot is a suite of popular marketing tools for driving more leads and better engagement. See how Wistia works with HubSpot to give it special powers!

  • Setting up the Wistia - Marketo Integration

    Wistia and Marketo go together like peanut butter and jelly -- like Sherlock and Watson! Want to get in on the fun? Here's our guide to getting the Wistia-Marketo integration working for you.

  • Setting up the Wistia - Pardot Integration

    How to use Wistia and Pardot together for super-powered video marketing

  • Squarespace and Wistia Integration

    Squarespace makes it easy to build a great looking website. Take your site to the next level by adding Wistia video via the Squarespace interface.

  • Using the Wistia - Hubspot v1 Integration (deprecated)

    See how Wistia's v1 integration with HubSpot works.

  • Using Wistia and Trello Together

    The Wistia Trello Power-Up | A Power-Up that makes Wistia and Trello the best of friends

  • Using Wistia and Zendesk Together

    Use Zendesk and Wistia together to build stronger customer relationships by adding video to your help content.

  • Wistia and MailChimp

    Creating an email campaign with Wistia + MailChimp couldn't be simpler with our easy-to-follow step by step guide including tracking and troubleshooting

  • Wistia Integrations

    Wistia plays well with lots of 3rd party services. See some of the best, and how to use them, in this article.

  • WordPress and Wistia

    WordPress is one of the most popular website builders out there, and Wistia videos sometimes need a little TLC in WordPress environments. Have no fear! We've got you covered.

  • Zapier

    Zapier is a tool to help you boost efficiency and automatically handle tedious manual workflows between your online services, they also happen to work quite well with Wistia!