Customizing a Live Event

Preparing for a live webinar can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it as seamless as possible to represent your unique brand identity and keep your audience engaged through your Live event.

On your event overview page, open the Customize menu on the left sidebar to access more customization options. Within this menu, you can customize your event’s branding, registration page, registration form, event room, and event reminder emails.

At this time, Live event customization is available for Account Owners and Managers on Advanced and Premium plans.


Apply your custom branding to your event by uploading a logo and adjusting background colors and fonts. Changes made on this page will be applied to all aspects of your event, but you can fine-tune other settings in other tabs.

Registration Page

Viewers will be directed to the registration page after opening your event invitation. Customization options for this page include custom buttons, event descriptions and graphics, and speaker photos and descriptions. If the registration page is currently turned off, you can also turn it back on from this page.

Registration Form

Each registration page contains a registration form with fields to collect information from your event registrants. From the Registration form tab, you can add or remove registration fields, add a custom disclaimer message, and edit the form’s appearance. Registration forms may also be embedded on a separate landing page using the Embed option.

Some email integrations may not offer the option to add or remove certain fields.

Event Room

Upon joining your live event, registrants will enter the event room where your webinar will take place. Any color or font customizations you make on the Brand page will be visible to both the host and panelists as well as the audience.

Whether you want to encourage or limit audience interaction during your webinar, you have the option to enable or disable the audience chat, Q&A section, and polls from the Audience engagement tab in the Sidebar menu.


From the Emails tab, you can configure a custom confirmation email, schedule reminder emails, and create a follow-up email to be sent after your event ends. To further connect with your audience, you can add your social media profiles to your emails as well.

Need help or have feedback? Reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.