Setting Up Your Team to Create Videos in Wistia

Set up your team to record and edit videos in Wistia.

Transforming your sales, support, or product marketing team into skilled content creators has never been simpler, thanks to Wistia’s integrated screen and webcam recorder. We’ve put together some helpful tips so you can set your team up to create beautifully on-brand videos right in Wistia. Let’s dive in!

  1. Start with identifying your content creators. Determine which specific individuals or teams you want to enable, whether it’s your entire sales team or a smaller group. This step will help ensure you’re on the right Wistia plan to meet your team’s needs.
    • 5–20 Wistia users requires an Advanced Plan
    • More than 20 Wistia users requires a Premium Plan
  2. Once you’ve mapped out your content creators and confirmed you’re on the right plan, we suggest creating a dedicated Folder for each team member. A folder will help everyone keep their videos organized. When it comes to naming these folders, keeping it simple and consistent will help you stay nice and organized! Something like, “Full Name’s Recordings” might be perfect!

  3. Now that everyone has a dedicated Folder, it’s time to add your team to Wistia. We recommend adding each team member as a User. This will restrict their access to your Wistia account so they only have access to the specific Folders you share with them.

  4. As you add each user to Wistia, you can also add them to their respective Folder. We recommend setting them up with admin permissions, so they can organize, customize, and set up their recordings however they’d like.

  5. If you really want to help your team take their video creation to the next level, you might consider giving them access to additional assets, like branded bumpers or a canned demo video that they can append their personalized recording to. For this, we recommend creating an additional Folder to house these branded resources. Share this folder with your team and they’ll have everything they need to create high-quality videos that are beautifully on-brand.